Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crack Effect Basket with Plaid and FolkArt

                                                Basket with crack effect

Hello crafters
A warm welcome to you all!
Today i am going to show you how to create cracks on wooden surface by using PLAID cracking medium.
I have made a home table decor and a multi purpose holder basket.
Desire to create this crack effect and show this creativity is a booster.
Lots of cracks and more colours and techniques will be taught.
Voila, take a look.

I have used a mdf basket, given two coats of white chalk paint on all the sides.

Then i have torn stampera rice paper and stuck on all the sides. Painted two coats of lilac chalk paint on all the sides and on the inside.
After the paint is completely dry. i then brushed up all the sides with the plaid crackle medium.
Now after it dried completely, I have dapped pink colour(lilic+white chalk paint) on all ths surface.
Within few seconds the cracks starts to emerge to give this beautiful look.

 With the liberty green milk paint i have painted all the edges. Remember, even this is two coats.

Some more pics are here.

A much closer view of the crack effect. Isi'nt it beautiful?
PLAID crackle medium is the best for this effect.

See you soon, 
till then keep checking this space for awesome inspirations for new projects and new ideas.
Hope you all enjoyed todays post.
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Ashwini Vinayraj

Products used
          1. chalk-paint-lilac
                     2. chalk-paint-sheep-skin
           3. crackle-medium
                    4. stamperia-rice-papers
     5. Mod-Podge
                            6. Milk-Paint-Liberty-Green
7. sponges

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