Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Paper Napkin Transfers

Hello crafters!
A warm welcome to you all.
Today i am going to show paper napkin transfer using iron heat and plaid.
Decoupage to create cards?? Yes, you heard it right.
It is simple and easy to create.

Step by step method:
Step 1 : Select a paper napkin which you would like to use to make cards or cover for any surface.

Step 2 : Take an empty book. place a cardstock of the size you want to transfer the image. place the                  cardstock, on to place a plaid and on this place the paper napkin. Now place 2 or 3 plain                      papers on top of this. 
             Heat the iron box to max. temperature. Now press it on the layered papers. This heat gets the               image on the cardstock.  

This is the final image after the transfer. I have destressed on the sides of the image.

Step 3 : I have taken a black thick cardstock and stencelled it with white chalk paint to get this design.

Step 4 : I have stuck the transfered napkink cardstock on top of this with a sentiment.

Step 5 : Similarly i have dabbed some disteress colours on a withe cardstock using crafTreat stencil.
Now the napkin transfer cardstock is placed in between with a sentiment tag.

Products used:

Hope you all liked this new technique and im sure you will try this out.
Thank you for stopping by,
Ashwini Vinayraj


  1. Can u please explain again Point no.2 ??

  2. Sure.
    Place a paper,the a cardstock,then plaid, then paper napkin,now 2 to 3 papers.
    Heat iron to max temperature. now, press the iron on the layered papers.
    Finally, the inage is transfered on the cardstock.


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