Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Shadow Box with Dark Moss Painted Finishes

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Shilpa here,

I am sharing Home Decor project with you, today!!

For this Shadow box, I've used:

To start with I applied Papericious White Gesso to whole shadow box.
Next I created stone texture using Prima Pumice stone paste and Craft Treat Stencil- Stone background.

here, you will find beautiful Moss, for which I just applied Folk Art Painted finishes Dark Moss, it is very easy to use.
I've also used Painted Finishes Rust at some places.
You can transform the look of your projects using these Folk Art creative finish options. Add rustic, but contemporary, flair to your indoor or outdoor decor pieces with these easy to use, non-toxic paint finishes. Since they can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, terra cotta, or plastic, the finish options are almost endless.

I created Bird's nest with dry hay and small sticks. I added more interest to it by adding flowers, Glass litter, Shaved Ice.

Do try your own Home Decor project using these fabulous products from The Craft Shop and share with us at our FaceBook page.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Ganesha One Stroke Painting

Omkaara gajavadanam paramam paramaananda narthana ganapathim bhavaye!

Ganapathy, the elephant faced God who resembles the Aum, I bow to your blissful dancing form!

Ganesh Chathurthi, one of my favourite festivals, marks the birthday of my friend, guide and philosopher-Ganesha. We invoke him so that he removes all obstacles that stand in our way. I wish for all of you, my readers, friends and family to have a wonderful year ahead and hope that you succeed in all your endeavours😊.

What better way to spread this positive energy than through greeting cards? And how does that sound when combined with One stroke painting?
And so, my theme for today is One stroke painting Ganesha on greeting cards and glass! (too big? gotta think of a better name😆)

Today I'm at the Craft Shop Blog with a simple One Stroke Painting of Ganesha. Ganesha is one god who looks beautiful with any medium on any surface and however you do. He looks awesome with simple strokes to complicated shading. I was too excited to start a painting on Ganesha. It brings back a lot of memories. To be honest, every new art work that I've done so far began with a Ganesha😁. Which tells you how versatile a theme he can be.
Pssst.... let me tell you a secret.. I have over 700 Ganeshas in my collection. 😇I've demonstrated this one stroke painting on glass using the glass and tile medium (yes, I have a soft spot for this medium😛).

Materials Required:
Plaid Folkart Glass and Tile Medium
Plaid Folkart One stroke Double loading Carousel
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Titanium White
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint  Look at me Blue
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Cardinal Red
Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Daffodil Yellow
Plaid Folkart One stroke Brushes
Distress Oxides
Craftreat stencils
Bielo Cardstock
Plain Glass

Clean the glass with alcohol. Place the stencil on glass and sponge dab Titanium white. Allow it to dry. Load 10" flat brush with white and blue and paint the ganesha with simple strokes. Allow it to dry completely.

Now turn the glass on the reverse and stick cellotapes leaving a little distance between each tape. Apply 2 coats of the glass and tile medium. Allow sufficient drying time between each coats. Remove the tape carefully when the medium is totally dry.

Our glass is ready. Frame it.

For Greeting Cards, I used the distress oxides and craftreat stencils as background on bielo cardstock.


Happy Ganesh Chathurthi all!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Natural wood grain effect

Hello dear crafters.
A warm welcome to you all!!
Using most PLAID products i have created this beauty, which is going to sit on my craft table forever. Loved how it turned out to be so, will have this for myself. I will share the idea of making this with you all.

Today i have upcycled a very old wood organizer.(say about 60yrs old)

Firstly i had to sand all the sides and corners of this organizer. Then applied nautical chalk paint on the outside on all the sides.
Then, on the inside i have applied Folkart Multisurface Light flesh colour on all the sides.
On the top edges i have painted sheep skin white chalk paint and this gives a lovely combination.
What say friends?? Have a look.

On the inside i have used a paper dollie to create the design.

On the outside two sides, using Craftreat stencil i have created patterns.

On the above, below and base i have used the Wood Grainer Tool to create wood grain pattern.

On the surface of blue, i have applied a coat of flowy white paint and immediately using the woodgrainer tool got this pattern. you can use any two blending colours to get this pattern.

This beautiful woodgrainer tool has a strong hand grip which allows us to hold it intact while doind the graining pattern. It is one of the best tools i have worked with. 

Handmade flowers are made using all the special papers and cardstock.
Emblished this organizer with mini 3D emblishments.  

Some more random pics,

An organizer to recycle took this new look and a place in my craft studio with craft supplies from PLAID. How do you friends like this?

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Happy crafting and creating,
Ashwini Vinayraj


Polymer Clay Tutorial using Texture Stamps

Hello Crafty Friends 

Today I'm here sharing how to use texture stamps with polymer clay.. Texture stamps are rubber stamps, just more flexible and it comes in variety of designs. 
These stamps help add beautiful texture to polymer clay creating beautiful pattern to be used in different projects.

You can use these stamps in a regular way, or you can use it in a different way and create more 3D effect called the Sutton Slice technique. For regular texture, you can use different stamps and experiemnt but for "Sutton Slice" technique you will need a flexible stamp with deep designs to get a better and clean result..

Watch the video below or to watch on HD on YouTube click HERE

Materials Used - 

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