Friday, June 16, 2017

Decoupage - ANTIQUE EFFECT HEIRLOOM Appearance Tutorial

   Hello everyone,
                   Ashwini Vinayraj here,

Today i am sharing my 1st creation as a Design Team Member and it is an Antique effect heirloom appearance on decoupage.Plaid has launched amazing products MOD PODGE Antique matte and MILK PAINTS.

What are Milk Paints?
Milk paint is water based primer. It adheres to a varitey of materials, metal, painted and varnished surfaces. Its non toxic and used as acrylic sealant and dries to flat, matte finish. Versitile as both primer and sealer.Its soft, flowy and dries quickly on wood.

Difference between Milk Paints and Chalk Paints?
Milk paints are different from Chalk paints.
Milk paints are Easy to use, it does'nt Chip, Self destresses over time, Ages Beautifully, No fumes, its Water based, dosen't require Sanding, 1st Coat Seals and 2nd Coat Covers.
Chalk paints sticks eaisly and doesn't need a Primer, Versatile, Destresses well, Calcium in the paint gives it a Chalky finish,dosent need Wax.

1st i have applited white chalk paint for the top of the box. I have painted two coats.

Now, i have covered the remaining 4 sides with liberty green milk paints. I have given two coats.
This milk paint dries very quickly and gives a beautiful finish.

The inside of the box is painted with lalic chalk paint.
The plaid chalk paints used are sheep skin and lilac.

I have used Stamperia Rice Paper. tore it on the edges.Using mod podge i stuck it on top of the white surface and excess has been sanded off.

Now, i have dabbed the corners with liberty green milk paint and lalic chalk paint to merge the colours.

Using a brush i have stroked lilac chalk paints on the sides of the box. After it dried, i brushed again with INKA GOLD to give it a golden look.
At last i have brushed MOD PODGE antique matte 3 coats.It gives the project a "HEIRLOOM APPEARANCE" with this special mod podge formula.It is a great product that i am excited to keep using in my upcoming crafts.

NOTE: More than 1 coat is required to get a TRUE ANTIQUE finish on project.

I love the way it turned out. I hope you give a try for Milk paints and Mod podge antique matte.

Look forward to hearing your feedback.
Until my next creative project journey,
Happy crafting and creating
Ashwini Vinayraj

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