Friday, June 30, 2017

Enchanted - Art Journal Page with Prima Products

Hello Everyone,
Shilpa here

If you know me, I am huge fan of Art Journaling! I work in my art journal everyday.
here is the one spread I created with Prima Marketing Products which are available 
at The Craft Shop.

I've used Prima Tales of You and Me Collection.

To create the texture in the background, I used Prima Stone Effect Paste and Stencil.

I used few sprays from Prima Color Bloom.
For focal point, I layred up all diecut elements from the Me and You collection.

Find all products used here at The Craft Shop... Don't miss the discount sale!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Thursday, June 29, 2017



Hello everyone!
Ashwini Vinayraj here,

  Today i am sharing my creation Glow in the dark with vintage touch.

Firstly i have applied two coats of milk paint Liberty Green on the outside designs. Then, i have given two coats of chalk paint sheepskin in the cente.

I have dabbed Nautical chalk paint on the green surface to create a nice antique look. These milk paints and chalk paints are so smooth and flowy as mentioned in my previous post.

Now, i have cut and torn Stamperia Rice Paper, its one of the best papers for decoupage  and it gives a beautiful look on all the decoupage home decors we create.

Using MOD PODGE i have stuck the rice paper in the center. The excess has been sanded off in the round corners.

This looks so beautiful, adding on the VINTAGE CHARM. 
During daylight it looks so. But what about in the dark night?
Let's create something different.
Now. I have brushed the corner designs with a thick coat of  MOD PODGE ( GLOW-IN-THE-DARK) PHOSPHORESCENT.
It is water based and non toxic
It gives a florscent look like the radium in the dark.


If you love Radium (glow in the dark) then this is the best buy from PLAID.

Happy crafting and creating,
Ashwini Vinayraj.

Products used:

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

One stroke: Sunflower on a pickle jar

Hi everyone... Today I'm at the Craft shop blog with a tutorial on One Stroke Painting on a pickle jar.

Materials required:

Plaid Folkart Multisurface Paint Yellow Ochre
Pickle Jar

First step: Clean the jar thoroughly with water and dry it. Load the big Plaid Folkart one stroke scruffy brush with liquorice and real brown. Tap the brush like drawing a circle. Do not turn the brush angle. The center of the flower should look like a doughnut.

Now load the Plaid Folkart one stroke flat brush, size 12, with yellow ochre and daffodil yellow. While the center is still wet, do the leaf stroke as in push, turn and slide to tip to lift.

Pounce highlight on the center with a touch of yellow ochre with the small Plaid Folkart one stroke scruffy brush.

Create an angular flower the same way to get a 3D effect.

Next load the Plaid Folkart one stroke flat 3/4" brush with classic green and daffodil yellow with little titanium white, and do the wriggling leaf.

Add vines here and there to fill the spaces.

Load the script liner with a mix of yellow ochre and green and using daisy stroke add fillers.

These fillers bring the entire painting together.

Hope you found this tutorial useful.

 Our pickle jar is ready. If the jar is going to be washed with water, then use clear spray varnish to seal it.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Mod Podge Sheer Colors Review

Hello All,

Ria on this side. You all are aware of the brand Plaid and their product Mod Podge. If you are a crafter who is into home decor, then Mod podge products are the best for you.

Today, I have come up with Mod Podge sheer colors. Craftshop has a wide range of all the colors and other products from the Braind Plaid, but today I have four colors for the project - Aqua, Purple, Pink, Green.

Mod Podge sheer colors are well known to stain glasses. So, I had to try them at first.

Its easy and fun to do. Take any glass item, here I took shot glasses. Flip open Mod Podge lid and drop few drops into the glass. Slide it along the slides. Try it with other colors and let them merge on their own by sliding the glass. 

Invert the glass on a wastesheet and let the excess drip. After few minutes, turn the glass upright and let it air dry for a day.

After it got dried, the sheer colors turned into a beautiful  transparent color. 

If you wonder that same effect can be achieved with Glass colors then you will obviously find a difference in the finish. The marble effect from the sheer colors are more prominent and bright.

I have used them for candle holders, so here how it looks in the dark with lighted candles in it.

The glasses can be used differently. 

Moving from staining glasses, I tried Sheer colors on to MDF too.

On the left side, it is covered with sheer color and on the right hand side its acrylic color. Both of them belong to the same colors but you can see that acrylic colors are not transparent unlike the sheer colors. They are best for giving a light shade of a color.

You can add to your projects to give a nice transparent hue of a color. Here I have teamed the sheer color-Purple with CrafTreat Flourish Background Stencil or you can make it a background for a project like the image below:

Here I have brushed all the colors as shown in the first picture and the sentiment is from Jillibean Soup Clear Stamps - Today is full of Possibilities.

Another possibility of using Mod Podge is on the cards as a colored Texture Paste.

Here I have combined The Sheer color-Green with a talcum powder to make a home made texture paste, and it worked. I applied the paste through CrafTreat Flourish Background Stencil and let it dry.

I let it dry completely and made a card out of the background. 

Take a closer look:

These sheer colors are real quick in incorporating in any project especially if you are a fond of colored texture paste and staining glasses. 

I hope you have liked all the projects. 

Happy crafting!