Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Action Wobbles in Action

Hello everyone! This is Deepti and thank you so much for stopping by. Today let's talk a little about Action Wobbles. They come in two sizes, mini and regular one. They have plastic springs that make it easy to create fun wobbly projects. :) Mini Wobbles are about the size of a nickel and they both feature adhesive on both sides. Simply remove the protective paper to reveal the adhesive. They are perfect for adding multiple shaking items to your cards, scrapbooks, invitations, decorations and etc.


1. Simple Wobbling

Simply adhere the wobble behind the image and then onto the card.

2. Dimensional Wobbling

Adhering the action wobble either behind the head or butt for some dimensional look.

3. Panel Wobbling

Adhering the wobble behind the panel, be it a square or rectangle or circle!

4. Multi image Wobbling

Adhering the wobbles on two images. This adds so much fun! :)

I have filmed a video for you just showing you the wobbling of the images! This is so addictive so just be careful! LOL!  Enjoy! 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Jewelry with Vintaj Patinas

Hello Lovely Friends

Here I am with you yet again with a new and last post of my term. I am sharing some tips and ideas about a product which I have recently used. I am glad that I got an opportunity to try and experiment with Vintaj Patinas. All thanks to Priya Sivaraj.  If  you are Vintage lover, then this is the right product for you .

What are Vintaz Patinas?
Vintaj® Patinas are opaque inks specially formulated by Ranger to adhere to metal. They create beautiful and durable patina effects (aged look to the metal). It is a kind of Cold Enameling Technique. The Patinas will colorize Natural Brass findings and filigrees, Copper and other metals for gorgeous jewelry and crafting projects.
You can color any metal with Patinas. They dry very fast and give satin finish. They are acid free and UV safe too. They are available as loose bottles as well as in kits of 3.

Vintaj Patinas v/s Alcohol Inks

So Vintaj Patinas colorize metals but one question that you might ask - Alcohol inks too can color metals then why to opt for Vintaj Patinas? Both these products are manufactured by Ranger.

Alcohol inks are acid-free, fast drying and transparent. You can use them on glossy paper, metal, shrink plastic, glass and other slick surfaces.

Vintaj Patina inks are different from alcohol inks in the fact that they are more like paint. They are opaque, whereas alcohol inks are translucent. They are formulated to be used on metals only.

Most amazing thing about these colors is that you can blend them to create new colors. Check this chart provided by Ranger to expand your entire range of vintaj patina colors.

Materials Required –
1.       Patinas of your choice
2.       Non- Stick Craft Mat or something to dispense the color
3.       Paint Brush
4.       Heat Tool (optional)
5.       Paper Towel
6.       Sandpaper or Reliefing Block
7.       Soft Cloth

How to use Vintaj Patinas ?

1.  Shake vigorously the patina bottle until mixing ball rattles and pigments mix

2.  Dispense a small amount of color on a craft sheet. I have used acetate sheet instead. 

3.  Take a paint brush and apply in small amounts on desired metal. You can apply a thick to completely cover the metal or a thin layer to make the metal shine through it. I have used a washer and applied thick coat to cover entirely with color

4.  In this butterfly I have applied color and then immediately blotted with soft cloth to remove color from some parts.You can apply a secondary color for a layered effect.

Original Color of Metal Butterfly

Vintaj Patina Color Used - Fire Opal

5.   If you are using a filigree kind metal with raised areas you can remove patina using sandpaper. Just rub the sandpaper very gently over raised areas to highlight them.

6. To add durability to the patina finish, heat the entire piece with a heat tool. Allow to completely cool before handling

7.  Lastly to keep the patinas from rubbing off onto clothing or from general wear seal it. You can use Glaze by Vintaj. It’s a metal sealer. Or use spray sealants such as a clear acrylic sealer by Mod Podge or any other brand

I made a vintage pendant and earring, colored using Vintaj Patinas

Here I have applied green opal patina on some raised parts of butterfly then removed bit color by rubbing with a soft cloth immediately. The eyepins are colored with the same color.

In this owl I have applied thick coat of color on few parts and a thin layer on remaining part to highlight the metal

So this wraps my last post. Hope you like it. Do try this amazing product.
And if you have query drop a comment.
Thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting !!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Distress Oxides - Genie in a pad!

Hello Friends,

I am so excited to be here with the most talked about product of the year! Distress oxides. If you know me or if you have done workshop with me, you know how much I love my inks. I love to explore different inks and different brands and have a good collection of various inks. But I haven't come across such a versatile ink as distress oxides (DO). You can stamp, blend, color and emboss with them without compromising any of the characteristic. So it is a multipurpose ink which will easily replace your stamping inks (eg. dye , pigment, chalk, archival) as well as blending in (eg. distress).

*They are so creamy almost like paint in a pad.

*Blends like magic - no marks no harsh edges!

*Works on regular card stock too ( unless you are using lots of water )

*The most amazing is stamping ability. The coverage is so even - totally out of this world. I have used many pigments inks but never got results which I got with DO. As it has pigments in it it dries little slower so heat embossing is very much possible.

*The signature characteristic of the inks are the way it reacts with water. I was blown away the way it creates oxidized look. Even though they are water based inks like distress inks, you can layer them well because of the presence of pigments. So you can add green on top of pink without getting brown muddy look. I think the pigments move slower than dye ink so you have that narrow window to dry the layers before they mix totally.

I am done with theory part...sharing all the results of my experiments. I haven't paid much attention to card layout or design as the focus is on DO. So please don't judge this product by my cards. Just focus on the DO part of it. I will be posting a pictures and under that there will be colors, technique and highlighted points. So don't skip those brief notes. I have used Bielo CS mostly.


Cracked Pistachio, Broken China, Peeled paint, Walnut Stain & Gold water color.
I tried to create metal patina look on this one and I could. 

I finished the card using concord and 9th die.


 Worn Lipstick, Fired Bricks, Walnut stain & Iced Spruce on Bielo. Rubbed ink pads direct on paper, spritz with water,heat, repeat. In the end i added grey ink on mat and dabbed it from there on paper.

Coverplate die is by Lil Inker and alpha die is MFT. Doesn't it look like oxidation on copper?


Faded Jeans, Fossilized Amber applied through  MFTstencil. Check the creamy, solid coverage.

The top of tag was rubbed with fossilize amber and spritz with water. Check the pattern it makes while dripping as inks are thicker than distress inks.


Various inks through MFT stencil , spritz with water & blot it with paper towel.


Multiple inks applied through Stencil on white card stock & embossed with clear embossing powder
Apply black soot distress ink which will cover the white exposed paper. Here heat embossed part will work as resist and will not take black ink. (I think this technique is known as black magic)


This is the most interesting project. The green outline is heat embossed using peeled paint & PTI stamp. Broken china ink is applied using layering stencil by PTI.  Light coat of squeezed lemon DI.  This was possible because I could emboss using DO.


Pink,red and yellow DO on water color paper with lots of water for bigger blooms. Neat and Tangled stamp & versafine ink.


Worn lipstick for splatter & to color the flower. Candid Apple DI for the darker shadows .Bielo card stock. Jane's Doodles stamp. DO are thick like paints so need little experimenting to know how they behave. But results are outstanding.


Believe it or not, the galaxy is made on black card stock. Look at the brightness of inks. No other ink can do this. 


Now comes stamping. Check the crisp images it gives. I was super amazed by the coverage. You have to try it to believe it. 


On Kraft Card Stock.


I was on seventh heaven when layered stamping worked so well. Top Flower - Worn lipstick, fired brick, walnut stain. Bottom flower- worn lipstick, spiced marmalade, fired brick. 


Don't you think this one is enough to praise these inks?Please order it NOW if you already haven't done it. 


Heat embossing with clear powder on different card stock.


Two which didn't make it to final product because of time constraint. There are some more which didn't make it to the camera too...:) I had a hard time stopping myself from playing with these inks. Still I feel that I have just scratched the surface. 
The versatility of it is amazing. And awesome selection of 12 shades from the whole lot of DI shades. Can't wait for more shades...just thinking how the blue print sketch will look in oxide?

These are truly ginie inks, capable of doing all your inkinking tasks. I will take your leave here. Since last four days, I am working on this projects and post. I really hope you enjoy my experiments with them. Thanks a lot for being here.

- Neha