Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mixed Media on Canvas - My way!

Hello Friends,

I am trying to venture out of my comfort zone. When Priya sent me these cute mini canvas panel, I thought of doing mixed media( of course my way) ! I love these panels - excellent for miniature paintings and fridge magnets. They are mounted on a board so sticking magnet in the back and applying different mediums  is super easy. There are three sizes. I am using two of largest (4x4") and medium (2.25 x 3.5").

Mixed media means creating something beautiful using different mediums and materials. My way of making means it has to convey something. Apart from being just a visual treat it has to be meaningful & cohesive.  Being a CAS card designer, I have very few products which are meant specially for mixed media so I created these around all the found objects, material for my cards and some from my garden. I collected all and used many of them for my project.

And most important of all is Acrylic Wall putty by 'Asian Paints'

It is most inexpensive way of adding texture to your projects. I had this lying as we just got our house painted , last month. 
all the found objects were leading me to a beach theme. So, I made set of three panels.

For two, small panels I decide to paint some sky, sea and sandy beach.

For the sky and sea I used mix of blues and green acrylic colors. For sandy beach, I glued sand on a heavy coat of white glue which dries clear (  fevicryl febric glue,Favicol or Mod podge )

I also used white embossing paste for the foam. Pretty easy, isn't it?

For the large panel, I decided to use wall putty for texture and same colors to tie all three panels together.

Check the amazing texture you get without any efforts.

Once thoroughly dried, paint it with acrylic colors.

while the paints are still wet, remove some of the paint from raised parts with a damp rag.

Apply some white paint with a hard, old brush for added texture. I also applied white crackle paste by Art Extravagance in some patches. 

I stamped the sentiment in StazOn black Ink on a tissue paper( packaging of hubby's new shirt...:P ).
StazOn inks are ideal as they are water poof  and stay put even when you apply lots of other mediums( here ranger multi medium to stick it on canvas). But they dry fast so buy the reinker along with your pad as they need frequent reinking. 

I also die cut an anchor from woodgrain card stock & emboss it with different metalic embossing powder for that rustic metal look.

Here is the assembled project. 

I also made a sailor's knot from some cotton twine. All the pieces are glued using multi medium matte by ranger. This is an excellent product to adhere all types of material on your card as well. It dries clear and matte so no strings of hot glue gun or glop of glossy glue. Can't recommend enough!

Apply a round magnet  on the back of each panel with a strong adhesive . You can also use these mini easels  to display your art works. 

There are many ways to use these cute canvases. I will be sharing few more in future post. Till then, try to use them your way and please share your ideas with us. 
I realized that this is going to be my last post for this year! Wishing you all a very happy and creative 2017! Keep crafting, keep sharing!




  1. Such a serene art piece! Love it! Thank you for all those tips, mediums and techniques :)

  2. Such a delightful project and so Beautifully expressed ! I can almost hear the waves gushing along a sandy beach :)
    Loved reading about the making in detail. Very creative.

    1. are so sweet! Thanks a lot dear!

  3. Awesome.. I am still stuck on how you added sentiment.. though read it again and again still the doubt is in my head..

    1. I stamped sentiment on very thin tissue paper and tear it with hand and glued it on canvas with multi medium. I also applied a coat of it over the tissue paper. (just like decoupage). Because the tissue is very thin, it merges with the bg. Hope this helps. Thanks

  4. Simply wow...and your sailor's knot is super fabulous

    Dr Sonia

    1. Thanks doctor, ha...ha...glad you noticed...:P

  5. Excellent way of creating such an awesome scenes..... I am so glad that you did this by taking a step out of your comfort zone... I think you should try this type of art frequently... you will create wonders in that too...

  6. Such a beautiful scene...You made it look so easy...Love the way you played with the textures...Pure Delight to watch your projects always...Thanks much for sharing your knowledge with Us :)

  7. Such a gorgeous art/home decor idea... neha u r a master in using different textures and mediums ..totally loved the panels

  8. OMG it's superb post, just lived it. It's awesome. Lived the textures


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