Friday, January 27, 2017

Metal Stamping II - DIY Jewelry

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I am here with my last post of 2016 and yet again with some more ideas on using Metal Stamping. In my last post I have shared the basic technique of using metal stamps on metal blanks. Today I am sharing some DIY jewelry ideas and too using household items.

You can check the Metal Stamping Technique here -

Yes, you can find many metal items in house like washers, bottle caps, keys, spoons, forks, other utensils, tin cans..etc. They can be stamped very easily and you can make your own jewelry or charms with them.

I have used washers to create few pendants. Stamp the washers with the text you want

Using sponge dab acrylic colour with very light hands on stamped piece otherwise it will be filled with colour. I have used my finger to apply colour. Brush didn't work out.

Complete the pieces with colours you want -

I have used bottle caps to complete the my pendants -

I have stamped on old keys and converted them into pendants -

I also tried stamping on leather. It was very very easy to stamp on leather. Since leather is soft as a result the circumference of the stamp will also get stamped when hammered. But that looks cool too!

I hope you like these DIY Jewelry ideas.  Do give it a try.
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