Thursday, November 23, 2017

What We Think We Become

Today I'm at the Craft Shop Blog with yet another tutorial using Plaid Folkart Paints.


I have combined stencil work with one stroke painting on my canvas. I love Craftreat stencils. The designs are so versatile that they go well with any artwork be it art journaling, mixed media, card making, painting.....list goes on.

First gave a thick coat of Rose Gold metallic paint and let it dry.

Next i drew a circle in the centre for the placement of buddha. Loaded the 3/4 flat brush with white and pink melon and painted the flowers. Added wiggling leaves with classic green and lime green with a touch of white on the lime green side.

Next i painted the daisies with violet and white and added filler leaves.

With yellow and orange, layered a few more flowers and finally gave the creeper effect highlighting the vines.

 I felt the background needed a little more drama. So used dry brush technique with purple flash and painted the background here and there. Love the play of the colorshifts.  To conclude, i took the Craftreat Buddha stencil and white and did the stencil work in the centre. Final painting is ready.

Materials List
Craftreat Buddha Stencil
Plaid Folkart Double loading Carousel
Plaid Folkart One stroke brushes
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Titanium White
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Classic Green
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Lime Green
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Daffodil Yellow
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Orange
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Pink Melon
Plaid Folkart Multisurface paint Perfect Purple
Plaid Folkart Colorshift Paint Purple Flash
Plaid Folkart Brushed Metallics Rose Gold
Canvas Board 12/16

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament Series #101

Hello crafty friends,

As the holiday season is approaching, I thought of creating a Ornament Series for you all.. A perfect project you can create for your own use or give it as gifts, something that is easier to create and looks like a master piece or store bought.

I have step by step tutorial for you, to help you create your own ornaments, that you can proud of.. 

Watch the video below or click HERE to watch in HD on YouTube..

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mixed Media with Distressing and Decoupage papers

Hello friends!
I'm back again with something new, rather than a decoupage project. I would love to share my mixed media creation with you all.
Used a lot of colours to get this creation look this well.
De stressing by creating distessing effect.

To start with, i have used a triangular canvas board which gives a different look unlike regular shapes.

Gesso is the first thing we use on canvas for a mixed media project. After a coat of gesso, i have created a pattern using gesso and a fork.

A closer view,

Rub on some distress inks randomly to create watercolour look.

Cut down pattern papers, here i have used crafTreat papers and stick them randomly.

A closer look,

I had created a musical on a cardboard and stuck a CrafTreat decoupage paper on the corner.
Now, stick the cardboard in the middle of the canvas.


Just brushed a little teal colour.

Emblish one corner with handmade flowers and some die cut leaves to look more elegant.

Some random pics and closer view ones,

Thank you friends for stopping by,
Happy Crafting and Creating
Ashwini Vinayraj

Products used:

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Home Decor Kettle

Hi all..

Another beautiful day and I'm here at the Craft shop blog with another inspiration of One Stroke Painting on Kettle. Painted old Kettle forms a unique home decor and has always been on my mind for sometime as it is the current trend. 

As usual my supplies from the Craft Shop includes the following. 

Plaid Home Decor Chalk Paint Bavarian
Old Aluminium Kettle

Don't forget the Youtube link provided at the end of the page for detailed tutorial.

Wash the kettle thoroughly. Apply 2 coats of chalk paint allowing drying time between the coats, on the kettle and the lid.

In the meantime, fussy cut the birds from the Craftreat Decoupage paper. 
Stick the birds with Mod Podge on the kettle and smoothen it properly. Make sure there are no wrinkles.

Next load the brush with real brown and titanium white and draw the branches around the birds. 

To draw the leaves load Classic Green and lime green with a touch of Titanium white on the lime green edge. Paint the wiggling leaves. 

Load the brush next with Orange and daffodil yellow and paint the filler flowers using the tear drop strokes.

Something was amiss so I loaded my small scruffy with white and cardinal red and using the tapping technique, added few more fillers.

Now, moving on to the background. Using the dry brush technique, paint the whole kettle with Yellow flash colorshift paint. For the lid, use Red flash and yellow flash colorshifts. As the name suggests, the colour actually shifts and there's a little drama when we turn the kettle, giving a little dimension to the Painting. 

Give a coat of varnish to make the kettle washproof. The Kettle is now ready.


Here's the You Tube link for the tutorial of the Kettle.