Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tack N' Peel Reusable Cling Sheet

Hello everyone! This is Deepti here with a new post about Tack N' Peel Reusable Cling Sheet.

  • Tack n' peel is a cling sheet from Tsukineko is a unique, reusable products designed for creating a Stamping Block.
  • It has a yellow cover on one side and a clear sheet on the other side
  • This can be used on acrylic or clear blocks. The adhesive layer provides a strong bond for unmounted rubber stamps
  • However you can obviously stick it to any surface as it holds any object firmly like rubber bands, plastic wraps, bubble wraps, foam and etc.

  • The adhesive layer can be easily preserved by simply rinsing the surface with water and then air drying - stickiness restores over and over again!

  1. Simply measure the tack n peel to the size of your clear block and trim it
  2. Next, peel off the yellow wrapper and adhere it onto the acrylic block
  3. Then peel of the clear sheet and mount your unmounted rubber stamps and enjoy stamping
  4. Once your stamping was done secure the clear sheet over the acrylic block for future use

If you have any questions regarding this process kindly leave us a comment down below and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can. Thanks and happy paper crafting!

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  1. wow! great product and thanks for the info. on how to use it.


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