Thursday, December 22, 2016

Stretch your Planner Stickers

Hello everyone! This is Deepti and welcome back. Today I'm focusing on Insta Quote stickers. These are meant for planners but you can stretch these and can use on your cards. These stickers add a trendy and posh look to your cards.

Today, I'm going to show you three different ways of using these stickers on your cards. So let;s get started!

Creating a story or scene : This card is pretty simple. This cute little dog is following his dreams and he is reaching out for a dough nut! He is just following his heart and dreams!! Conveying the message in a simple way!

Creating a Pattern Paper : I chose all the stickers that has pretty patterns and stick it on a piece of card stock forming an unusual pattern. Voila! Your own DIY background is ready.

Simple Pop up cards : Yes! you can create some inspiring and encouraging pop up cards. :)

These are just a few card ideas but you can make many more out of these. The sky is not the limit! Just go for it and explore and share your beautiful ideas with us.

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you again! :)

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