Monday, November 7, 2016

Yupo paper and Alcohol Inks

Hello friends,

Today, I have very special product and project to share with you. If you remember, I posted these projects with alcohol inks HERE on my blog and they were very much appreciated! I was glad Priya brought that Yupo paper. So, I am sharing some projects made with alcohol inks on Yupo along with 4 videos. Watching videos are very necessary to see how inks behave on the Yupo paper. Working with alcohol inks is very unpredictable because of its fluid nature. It blooms and dries fast so you have tiny time window to manipulate it. It was a challenge for me to make a video for the same reason but I have tried. Hope you will like it.

Let's first talk about Yupo.  It is an artificial paper made from polypropylene .
        * Super-smooth
        * Holds ink with razor-sharp precision
        * Durable
        * Water Proof
        * Will not tear
        * The best part is it is 100% tree free yet 100% recyclable. 

It is very smooth but have matte finish which gives very vibrant look to the inks.

I have used Yupo paper marketed by Tim Holtz which is out of stock right now but We have original Yupo paper directly from the manufacturer. It is the same paper as Tim Holtz's.  

I have a video to show the supplies you will need. 

Materials :

~ Yupo paper
~ Alcohol Inks
~ StazOn
~ Ink Blending Solution
~ Small paint brush
~ straw to blow air
~ wooden, plastic or metal dowel 
~ Isopropyl Alcohol 99%(IP-In place of ink blending solution) - Though Alcohol ink blending solution is the best when it comes to the way inks react with it, IP is the closest I found in its replacement. I have used thinner too but it robs the shine and vividness of alcohol inks. It's common name is 'rubbing alcohol' but you get only 60-70% strength IP from any chemist which is weak and will not give desired results. I approached a chemical dealer who supplies to the laboratories and got this 99% IP. Anything above 90% will work. 

Project -1

I have used half of the yupo paper i.e. 5x3.5 inches. The process is very simple. Just drop various alcohol inks in different places. it is magical to see how they bloom(spread) on paper. Keep on adding different inks and ink blending solution till you are happy. Lift the inks with tiny brush dipped in IP or blending solution. Just follow your heart and enjoy the process, brilliant results are guaranteed!

Here is the video to show you how easy it is !

Project - 2

Here I have tried to create landscape with alcohol inks on yupo. It is totally inspired by 'Dreamscaping with June Rollins' videos I found on internet. 


This is done on 5x7 paper. Drop ink  and blending solution in center and blow with a straw to make petals. Do this in all directions. Repeat this till you are happy. ...:)

Project - 4

Alcohol inks are transparent and dries fast on yupo creating these beautiful layers and depth without much efforts. The bright white color and matte finish of yupo brings out the brightness of inks beautifully.

See how framing this enhances the depth. 

Here, I have used StazOn ink refill  with ink blending solution. It reacts differently but it is very concentrated ink so you can do much with very little ink. I really love this monochromatic look . For tree trunk and branches, I used ear bud and thin brush dipped in blending solution to lift the ink.

There is so much scope to add details to each one. I will work on them in future and that is the fun part - You can revive the layers easily with fresh coat of ink or ink blending solution.

 The fluidity of inks and vibrant colors are extremely relaxing to work with. You need to experience it to understand what I am saying...:) 

See you soon! Keep crafting!


  1. Wow Neha! Brilliant post! Love the abstract design on your first one and these color played so well on Yupo, amazing results! The landscape too caught my eyes! Each and every project has speciality of its own! Love the monochromatic look on the last one too!

  2. Wow....what a awesome...thanks for sharing Neha

  3. Superbly done like all effect well done

  4. Neha!! This is an awesome, awesome post!!! I am in love with these!! esp both the landscapes!!! One big hug to you!!

  5. All of them are beautiful. Thanks for a lovely tutorial!


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