Friday, November 25, 2016

Making Jewelry with Spellbinders Anemone Topper Die - Part 2

Hello Folks,

I am back again continuing my last post on jewelry with dies.Firstly, thanks a lot for taking time and reading my super long posts.Ok, Today I am using the same die once again for some more jewelry ideas for you. Dies are worth buying as you can really use them in so many ways in making your own custom jewelry. And there so many different mediums/products available today to make paper jewelry durable & washproof.

You can check out Part 1 of this post here, in case if you missed it -

P.S - Picture heavy post

I am covering few more ideas on using Spellbinders Anemone Topper Die for jewelry creation.

I  Let's begin with this pendant and earring set. The colors and design are inspired from peacock feathers

1. I am using second largest flower from the die. Use thick cardstock for die cutting or use die cut stack

2. Cut out the petals from the flowers

3. Color them using any colors - acrylic, distress inks...Choice is yours. I have used Camel watercolor cakes this time. Golden color is acrylic one.

4. Shape them

5. I am using a stack of oval diecut as a base for above petals.

5. Colour the diecut

6. Stick the petals in an arrangement on oval diecut

7. Add a headpin between layers . I have used Fevicol MR for gluing purpose.

8. For Earrings, take out 2 petals of different size from the flower diecut

 9. Color them

10. Attach a headpin while sticking the layers

11. Now apply resin on front side and on petal's back side, leave it overnight. When front coat dries out apply resin coat on entire back side too and leave it overnight too.Your complete set is ready. There is no running of colors when resin is applied on this piece.
Remember to embed embellishments, if any, while applying resin coat. Enjoy wearing this lightweight and durable jewelry !!!!

II Second tutorial is on creating a simple layered two way pendant 

Please refer to below image for pictures of steps

1. Diecut a large and a small flower from the die set
2. Separate the outline with scissor as shown and you will get a flower ( with right mark in pic 2 ). Keep the outline safe, we will be using it it later
3. Now cut the flower from center ( pic 3 )
4. Take out the petals ( pic 4 )
5. Layer and glue petals to make a flower ( pic 5 )
6. Color it using colors of your choice (pic 6 )
7. Now trace the outline of the flower and cut it out ( pic 7 & 8 ). This will form back part of our two way pendant.
8. Flip the back part and color it. I have used distress inks (pic 9 )
9. Stick the two parts, punch holes, add jump rings and chain to complete it. Apply resin or glossy accent for final coating.

I have used tried gold embossing powder on side ( a little overdose of powder in center though )and distress ink on other side. 
One side of pendant -

Other side of pendant -

III Third tutorial for today's post is again on a two way pendant . This pendant came out as a result of lot of failed experiments with the outline of the diecuts

1. I am using leftover outline from the above pendant. Take two of same size

2. Fold it as shown

 3.Cut the portion encircled in above pic and you will get something shown below

4.Now overlap and glue top and bottom portions to get a butterfly like shape

5. I have applied glitter on one side

6. And silver embossing powder on other side

7. I have added small pearls with glossy accent and applied on both sides of pendants. Add bail and chain to complete it
One side of pendant -

Other side of pendant -

IV  Last one is a pretty simple pendant. I have made it using largest flower from the die set. I have taken out it's outline. Stacked a few. Applied glitter on both sides, then resin and completed it with a pearl hanging

This wraps up my today's post. It took me some time and lot of experiments to bring out these ideas. I hope you like it. For any query, just drop a comment below.
Will see you in next month

Till then 
Happy Crafting 


  1. I absolutely love them all, great making! The peacock one and last one is so elegant!

  2. I am quite surprised that you used resin on watercolor without sealing it first. Didn't the color run or the resin weaken the paper? What about coating the back for strength?

    1. Hi Divya...use thick cardstock for die cutting, this will not weaken the paper after apply resin or you can use even use diecut stack. Resin will make cardstock hard after drying ..there is no running of colors when you apply resin coat on watercolors..and I have coated both sides of piece with resin for strength and durability

  3. OMG. wow. what a sexy sets. Priya, i think soon i am going to order this dies. Thank you for the awesome tutorial Poornima


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