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Making Jewelry with Spellbinders Anemone Topper Die - Part 1

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I am Poornima, back with some more jewelry tutorials for you today. My today’s post is all about resin and dies. Yes, this is a fabulous combo to create jewelry easily, but not so quickly as resin takes time to cure. But I bet you will love the end results.

P.S.- Picture heavy post

Today I am using Spellbinders Anemone Flower Topper Die with Resin to create jewellery. With this die you can create beautiful dimensional flower jewellery easily. Coating paper jewellery with resin will make it waterproof, glossy and durable. Anemone flower Die comes with four dies. This die is perfect for creating layered flowers.

I am sharing following tutorials today –
A Creating three layered flower pendant with earrings
B Creating single layered flower pendant with earrings

So Let’s get started

A Creating three layered flower pendant with earrings
1. I am using two largest flower and center from the die.

2. For colouring I am using distress inks. Since I will coating flowers with resin so I first tested my old distress inked colored flower with resin for bleeding. And this was the result -

There was no bleeding of colors nor discolouration. I  am using Vintage photo, Antique Linen and Spiced Marmalade

3. Colour your Flowers on both sides - front and back. On applying resin colour will intensify so colour one coat lighter than the colour you want your final flower to be of.

4. Emboss your flower with embossing tools. It won't be possible to emboss after coating flowers with resin. 

5. Stick the flowers and layer them up. You can layer them after applying resin too but I prefer doing it before resin's coat.

6. Prepare your resin mixture using process explained above. Apply it on layered flower with a popsicle stick on front side. If there are any bubbles, then blow them with a straw. Place your flower on a wax paper. I have placed mine on a acetate sheet and applied a little talcum powder so that it doesn't sticks to the acetate. Cover it to protect from dust. Leave it for 12 hours

7. After 12 hours you can still shape your flower with fingers as resin has not hardened completely. After 24 hours it will become solid hard.

8. Coat the back side too later on. And while doing this you can embed a Eyepin or a Bead or a Bail in resin itself. So that a chain or cord can be attached to the flower. 

Bead embedded on backside 
Bail embedded on backside

Now Let's create coordinating Earrings -

1. Anemone Topper die's flower are symmetrical so I folded it and cut out 2 similar pieces for earrings (Image 1). You can also make slits in each petal and pull out petals for earrings ( Image 2) .
Image 1 - Folded Flower
Image 2 - Flower with slits

2. Colour them using distress inks on both sides. 
3. Coat with resin on front side first and later on, on back side
4. When resin becomes hard place both petals one above another and punch a hole

5. Add a jump ring and earring hook to finish the earring.

So here's the complete set - 

Another one in different colour

Let's move to second tutorial 
B Creating single layered flower pendant with earrings
1 I am using smallest of the 6 petal flower from the die. This time I am using 2 flowers of the same size. 

2.  Colour the flowers using distress inks of your choice. I am using mustard seed. Colour only the front side of both the flowers.
3. Stick both flowers, one flower will form the front and other will form the back part. That means you have stick uncoloured sides of the flower.
4. Now with a forcep (or a stick) shape the petals. 

5 Also press the center of the flower down with fingers for dimension

6. Apply resin to front and allow it to harden
7. While applying resin on back side embed a eyepin. Apply resin, then after 15-20 minutes add eyepin.

 For Earrings follow the same procedure as explained in Tutorial A but here embed a Eyepin on back side while applying resin. So thats another way of creating earrings.
distress ink colored petals for earrings

embedding eyepin with resin on back side

Here are few more pendants I made using above technique. I have added golden line to sides of each petal of these pendants. Colour the sides in the last so that you have a thick and solid line to colour.

Some with Embedded Glitter -

I have coloured this one with acrylic colours and completely covered with diamond dust ( twinklets) after applying resin

And finally made these two distress inks and acrylic gold colour

Ahhh... this wraps my long post. Hope you liked my first attempt with resin. And hope I have inspired you enough to create your own jewellery. Do leave a comment if you have a query.

Will be back with some more ideas on same in my next post.

Thanks a lot for stopping by !!!

Happy Crafting


  1. Wow! Love these beautiful Pendant sets, so gorgeous Poornima! And I have this die too! Would love to experiment now! Thanks for beautiful and detailed post!

  2. Wow, these are stunning <3 totally breathtaking :) gotta get some resin to try these...

  3. Awesome article Poornima, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. What a fantastic use of paper! :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. Stunning....real treat for eyes. lovely tutorial.

  5. This is such a lovely tutorial. Very informative. Thank you so much for sharing this insight of using resin to make jewellery with paper die cuts :).
    - Khushboo Gandhi

  6. Wow so beautiful thanks for sharing


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