Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hi friends,
I love creating simple and easy projects which give me a lot of happiness....the beauty of simple DIYs is that u can create them quickly and without investing a lot of time and money. It also means that   you can create masterpieces with stuff lying with you.But to get a perfect and professional result you should invest in good I want to highlight a tool which would make your stencilling projects easy and perfect.
STENCIL BRUSH Set by Dreamweaver
This is an excellent set to start with and comes with three sizes(9,12,18)

stencil brush is a specialist brush with short, firmly packed bristles. They are available in various widths, from small for tiny, detailed sections of a stencil to large ones for faster painting in of sections.

I made things which took very little time because of this wonderful brush set.
I grabbed some acrylic paints ,stencils,old pair of jeans and white canvas shoes.
There are so many paint options at our store and you can pick any from here.

To start with I took very little quantity of paints on a plate(make sure not to take a huge quantity)so that the brush is not saturated or overloaded.You want to keep the brush dry to avoid bleeding and get better results.

I selected a Stars stencil by Tim holtz and bright acrylic paints.
by keeping the stencil in place over the canvas shoe I started dabbing the paint with the tiny brush.You can also use some circular  motions to get the desired smoothness and finish. 
Once the paint was dry I added some diamond Stickles to jazz up the shoes.

I love experimenting and my next DIY is an altered pair of Denims.
For this I took  white acrylic paint and a floral prima marketing stencil.

**Just keep it in mind not to overload the brush and to keep it dry and fluffy.Use dabbing and circular motions to avoid bleed and smudged results.
This is my daughter posing with the shoes and

Hope you will give this easy DIY a try:)
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  1. wowow!! this is awesome way to use stencils!!! Pretty poser Adveta!!! <3

  2. Wow!!! Gorgeous creations. Really jazzed up! Ty for sharing. Hugs


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