Tuesday, November 15, 2016

DIY Cabochon with Glass glitter Jewelry Tutorial

 Hello crafty folks , 

   This is Divya here from Jewelsofsayuri with a jewellery tutorial that involves two crowd pleasers - resin and glitter. Everybody likes glitter in one form or the other and for those of you who are quick to dismiss glitter as being "too girly or kiddish" must give glass glitter a chance. I too, did not fancy glitter in my jewellery but the matt, elegant sheen of the coarse glass glitter converted me and I love playing with it whenever I work with resin. In this design I have used blue and purple colors and accented them with fresh water pearls for an exotic look.

DIY Glass glitter Jewellery set

1. Round Silver connectors - 6
2. German Glass glitter in Blue and purple
3. Resin kit (resin, mixing cup, stick and wet wipe to clean up)
4. Blue and blue green ink (patina ink, resin tint or alcohol inks can be used)
5. Faceted blue glass ovals - 10
6. Blue star puffed crystals - 2
7. Flat 20mm round howlite beads in turquoise color -2 
8. Fresh water teardrop pearls - 2
9. Silver tone eyepins - 16 
10. Silver tone head pins - 2
11. Silver tone jumprings - 5
12. Silver tone earhooks - 1 pair
13. Silver tone clasp - 1
14. Silver tone braided wire component - 1
15. Embroidery thread in light blue, manganese blue and purple
16. Fabric glue
Tools - Nose pliers, wire cutters and scissors. Looping pliers optional   

I) Make the connectors
1. Mix resin following the manufacturer's instructions. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. In projects like this you want your resin to be slightly thick to minimize any oozing out which makes it perfect for those times when you have a little mixed resin left
2. Pour 2-3 drops of the mixed resin into the bezel to coat the bottom and add the glass glitter into it.

3. I first added purple glitter then accented it with a little blue in four bezels. In the other two I used only blue glitter and topped it with blue patina ink and Iolite resin tint in certain places (alcohol ink in blue and blueish green can also be used)
4. Add resin drop by drop till you cover the glitter. Now there are two ways to go about this - if you want a tactile texture - druzy feeling just soak the glitter with resin and do not top it but if you want a glass cabochon feeling then top it with resin (if you want to dome, wait for 12-15 hours and spread another layer of resin on top)

5. Cover with a dust cover and let dry.  In about 24-72 hours, the connectors will cure and will be ready to use

II) Make the necklace
Looping beads
As the bezels are 2 loop connectors  I wanted to make a looped bead necklace. Looping is one of the three basic jewellery making making that every aspiring jeweller must learn and practice. For those who have difficulty in getting perfect loops with the regular nose pliers or round nose pliers, looping pliers or stepped loop pliers (as shown in the picture) are available in the market. 

Here is how to make a simple looped bead
1. Insert an eyepin through a bead and bend the remaining portion on the pin at 90 degree angle to the bead
2. Holding the bead in your non dominant hand - hold the nose tip of the pliers 1-2mm from the bead in your dominant hand and make a reverse "C" movement with your pliers to make the loop , cut the extra wire and then close the loop with regular chain nose pliers 

How to hold the bead - The way you hold the bead makes all the difference in the looping process and here is how you do it. The eyepin loop must rest on the inside of your middle finger with the bead must resting on the index finger and you hold it  down with your thumb so the bead doesn't move while you loop

For this design I have looped - 10 faceted blue ovals, 2 blue puffed crystals, 2 flat round howlite beads, and 2 fresh water teardrop pearls. Connect them  to each other as seen in the above and below images by opening and closing the loops while making sure that you retain the round shape of the loop in the process. Connect the beads to the resin connectors and connect the necklace to the braided wire component using jump rings. Add jump rings and a clasp to the bead ends to finish the necklace

Though the necklace can be worn at this stage, I felt that it was a little plain and missing my usual eclectic mixed media touch. So I wrapped some embroidery thread in light blue, manganese blue and purple and glued them using fabric glue to add some pizazz.

Though I hate wearing matching earrings with necklaces I felt that I would not be able to find a pair of earrings to match a necklace that was unique as this one. Good God, that I had made 6 glitters connectors in the beginning and used only 4 of them in the necklace. 
So I looped a couple of fresh water pearls on headpins this time and added them to the connectors along with simple ear hooks making myself a pair of lovely dangling earrings.

I made my necklace asymmetrical but you can make your symmetrical if you want and use can use whatever beads that you have with you. I hope that you had fun learning how to make this necklace and do visit my blog for more tutorials and to learn fun new ways to work with resin
I hope you found it interesting 


  1. So beautiful and beautifully explained Divya !
    Hats off to you Priya for roping in such a fabulously talented artist
    Dr Sonia


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