Thursday, October 6, 2016

Molotow Masking Pen

Hi Friends,

I am so excited writing my first dt post on this blog! 

Today, I am reviewing MOLOTOW masking liquid pump marker by GRAFX Art.

You must be familiar with masking fluid/frisket used mainly by water colour artist to mask the areas that are not to be colour.
This marker uses the same  fluid in form of pens. They come in 2 nib sizes, 2mm & 4mm. The fluid is latex based so it makes a thin waterproof film on the paper when dried. It will resist all the fluid mediums applied on to it. These markers are very helpful when you are working with water colours where paper masking won’t work.  It so easy to use ...just apply, colour and rub off!  The best part is refills are also available so no need to spend on markers all the time.

It is a great tool for water color artists (which I am not) but a crafter can also use it very effectively!

There are two main ways you can use it.
Stamp an image on thicker water color paper. (Jane’s Doodles stamp)
Fill the area with masking fluid which you want not to color.

Let it dry thoroughly!


Apply colour to the surrounding area. (I used black as in final image).The masking is so superb -it is like a thin plastic film - so the water colour will not sip in to the image even you paint over it.

Let it dry thoroughly once again.
Remove masking fluid by rubbing your finger over it. Paint the main image.
I am sorry, I forgot to take in-between process pictures as I was shuffling multiple
 projects with it to take advantage of drying time!

And at this point, I am thinking ...I could have painted little highlight on apple to show 
the reflection of light, before colouring it!...well lesson learnt...:) 

Now I will share how you can use them other way! 
I practiced drawing something freehand. 

I just loved the idea of here you go...

I drew city skyline with pencil on Tim Holtz’sdistress water color card stock and trace it over with MOLOTOW marker. Added shades of blues using mission gold water color.
You can use any water based colours. 
Distress inks works too.

Painted the buildings with various shades of pink, red and yellow.


Allow it to dry thoroughly (I did it overnight). You can use heat gun to speed up the process but I like to air dry my water colours to preserve its vibrancy!

Remove the masking by rubbing with finger or you can use this adhesive eraser by Xyrone

...and the final product. I am so going to frame it!

 I have a time lapse VIDEO to show how I drew with masking pen.

For the next project, I went little artsy. 
I always wanted to paint white daises. 
Somehow, I find painting white object very intimidating but this pen helped.

First, I drew outline with pencil on water color cardstock.

Tape down the paper onto a flat surface with 3m masking tape. This tape is less tacky  than regular painter’s masking tape which removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage and
 prevents tearing of paper while removing!
 It is also excellent to hold down your dies while running through big shot.


1. Cover the flower with fluid and paint the background with water colors.
2. Let it dry and Remove the masking with eraser or finger.
3. Paint the flower, leaf and stem.
To remove mashing always pull the tape at an angle to prevent tearing of paper.

Next project uses stencil. Select a stencil which has more open shapes.

 Fill in the leaves with masking fluid through stencil. Let it dry. Blend various distress inks using ink blender.  Add some water for splotchy effect. Remove masking fluid and your negative painting is ready.

For next project, I drew a peacock feather with masking pen. Let it thoroughly dry  and painted over it with water colors. Remove fluid and add glitter in the center.

I have a VIDEO to show the water coloring

Next is just an experiment to show the possibility with MOLOTOW pens.


I added lots of colored triangles with the corner of mini ink pads. Drew some random solid shapes on it using masking pen. Did some scribbling too. Cover the entire page with black color.
And once dried, remove the masking to reveal the beautiful layers.

A quick VIDEO on how to remove the masking fluid.

I love this pen. I also asked Priya to get 2mm one as it will be very useful for more detailed masking.
Just remember two things...
1. Always use thicker (280-300 gsm) water color paper. 
2. Let it dry thoroughly(bone dry) after applying mask and before removing mask!

Hope you enjoy the post and give it a try to masking pen!

Thanks for being here. Hugs.


  1. Great job done using masking pen, so many variations, love this detailed post!

  2. Such an informative post, Neha..i love the way you specified all finer details.Thanks SO much.

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  5. Awesome tips Neha! Loved the cityscape stencil idea!

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    1. Thank you. You can buy them at

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    Dr Sonia

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