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Making Jewelry with Sospeso Transparente - Tutorial Part I

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This is Poornima here. So finally I am back to crafting after almost 6 months. Thanks to Priya Sivaraj for giving me an opportunity again to design for The Craft Shop.

My post for today is all about Sospeso Transparente and creating jewelry out of it. I have never tried my hands at this art so I was very excited when I got my DT pack. I searched about it and found there are tutorials explaining techniques & do’s / dont’s of Sospeso Transparente but no explanatory tutorial on turning it into wearable jewelry. I have made paper jewelry in past which helped me turned sospeso transparente into jewelry pieces. Believe me you can make stunning jewelry with Sosepso in jiffy and that too without much efforts. 

P.S - Picture Heavy Post

The Sospeso Trasparente  is a three-dimensional technique created and patented by Italian decorator Monica Allegro. It is volume decoupage decorative technique which uses some special material to give shape and texture to paper images.

It involves following material –
Embossing Pad

Embossing Burins

Sospeso Glue

Transparent Film – These are plastic sheet , thermoformable,  non-toxic and once molded with a heat source, takes the form chosen by us. These are used with Paper Veils, Decoupage Napkins, Fabric Tapes or thick printed papers.

Heat Source – There are different procedures to heat the product, direct contact with a heat source such as a candle, a simple hair dryer, with hot air tools for embossing, or the use of a heating plate such as iron for ironing.
The ideal technique to heat, especially for small operations, remains the candle.

Glass Crystals – Optional.These are 100% pure glass crystals. Used for getting " Crystal Effect"

Verification Gel - Used with Glass Crystals

Burins, Embossing Pad & Sospeso Glue

Glass Crystals

Transparent Film for Paper Veils, Napkins & Fabric Tapes

The printed designs comes on 4 surfaces / form

Printed Films – Can be used directly and are fastest and easiest to work with.

Paper Veils

Decoupage Napkins

Fabric Tapes

You can buy entire range Sospeso Transparente material from the Craft Shop

I am linking here tutorials involving basic technique of using Printed Plastic and Paper Veils

Now coming to Jewelry. I am sharing a step by step tutorial on the following –

I  How to attach Jump Rings to Sospeso

II  Attaching HeadPins / EyePins to Sospeso Flowers

III  Attaching Sospeso Flowers to Chain

IV  Making Earrings with Sospeso Flowers using two methods – Method A & Method B

So Lets get started ------>>>

I Attaching Jump Rings to Sospeso Object –

1.    I am using printed sheet - Little Butterfly

1  Cut out two butterflies of same design. You can even use one. 
Or one larger and other smaller. It’s up to you.

2  Shape them and glue one above the other using glue gun

3 Now you need something to punch holes. 
I am using this to punch holes. You can use any hand held punch or even a needle.

4 Now punch hole. One left upper wing and one on down right wing

5 Then attach jump rings to both these holes using plier and your are done !!!

II Attaching HeadPins / EyePins to  Sospeso  Flowers -

1   I am using Paper Veil - POTENTILLA for this tutorial.

2 You need to choose flowers from your sospeso sheet. 
These flowers can be exactly of same design or one larger and other smaller. 
It’s up to you. I am using exactly same flowers.

3 Now you need something to punch holes.
 I am using this to punch holes. 
You can use any hand held punch or even a needle.

4 After shaping both the flowers , take one flower  and punch two holes.
See holes circled in image. Don't punch holes on second flower
 If your flowers are not same, then take larger flower for hole punching.

5 Now refer to below image
5.1 Then take a eyepin and pass through both the holes as shown in picture.
5.2 Make a loop on other end of eyepin using plier. If you are using headpin you not need form lower loop as it’s already closed
5.3  Slide the upper end of eyepin below petal if possible 
5.4 And then glue second flower on this flower using glue gun.

Note – Eyepin is used if you want to attach something on both sides of sospeso flower. And Headpin is used if you want to attach something to only one side of your flower 

Now piece is ready. You can use it as earring or pendant or a charm.

Using above pieces I have made a pendant. 
You can follow these steps to create a similar piece

a    Take a piece of chain, jump rings , few loreals and plier.

b Add loreals to jump rings and add it to chain

c Attach this piece of chain to jump ring of butterfly

d Attach flower with headpin to lower jump ring of butterfly.
Then attach a charm or bead to flower

e Add a bail and chain to make a complete pendant. Viola !!!

III Attaching Sospeso Flowers to Chain

1  Take two pieces of chain , each about 33 inches long and piece of wire

2  Arrange both chains one above another and cross them at that length where you want to attach sospeso flowers. And wrap that point nicely with wire. This is the place where we will stick sospeso flowers. It will provide a solid base to stick sospeso flower sequence.

3 Now prepare a arrangement of sospeso flowers. 
I have use printed sheet - WHITE DAISY for this

4 Glue flowers of arrangement one above other first and them glue it on chain using glue gun. 

5 Complete the chain with charms or beads or whatever embellishments you want to add.

IV Making Earrings with Sospeso Flowers , Method A –

1      Take two sospeso flowers exactly of same design, Heat Gun, Handheld Punch, EyePin, a big Bead or Pearl. . Remember not to shape flowers. This will do in coming steps.

2      Make slits on flower with scissor depending upon your design. It will make shaping easier.

3      Punch a hole in center of flower. Attach head pin and pearl as shown

4      For heat source I have chosen heat gun. I found it more appropriate for shaping flower using this technique. Place your heat tool on flat surface and flower in front of it and shape it around pearl. I tried using heat gun in one hand and flower in another but it becomes really difficult to shape flower as both your hands are occupied. The size of the bead/pearl used will decide its shape. Heat might harm your fingers so if you have protective gloves or something, wear them for safety

5   Once flower start taking shape you can use your embossing burins to complete the rest of shaping. This step is completely optional.

6    After shaping punch hole in center, attach eyepin/headpin & beads and complete your earring

IV Making Earrings with Sospeso Flowers , Method B –

1  For this method you need 2 sospeso flowers of same design. I am using paper veil flower this time, jump rings, ballpins/headpins, earring hooks, crimp beads, decorative beads & handheld punch.

2  Now refer to below image and follow these steps
2.1 Punch hole in the center. 
2.2 Attach a bead and ballpin. 
2.3 At the back of the flower add crimp beads so to fix the ballpin. 
2.4 Now turn the ballpin and bring it to the front of the flower and add a jumpring  (apologies, not shown in image ) and then place it below blue bead. 
 2.5 Do same steps with other flower too.

3 Add earring hooks. And your earring is done. You can use this method to make pendants or charms too !!!

That's all for today. I hope I have inspired you. 
For any query drop a comment.I will be back with more ideas in my next post.
Thanks for stopping by :)

Till Then
Happy Crafting


  1. OMG ..These are so stylish n unique jewelry pieces Poornima ! Beautifully created,happy to see you back with Gorgeous creations !

  2. Wow.. this is too good.. have never seen sospeso work but, this is awesome..

  3. Awesome tutorial.. With all detail pictures.. Thanks for sharing.. And thank you for the link also..on paper Vail tutorial by me.

    1. Thanks Daksha..your tutorial was a inspiration for me !!!

  4. These are awesome, so beautful n creative :) thank you so much for the tutorial :) :)

  5. lovely they all look great, I'll try sospeso jewelry once again now

  6. Replies
    1. Sospeso is perfect medium for jewellery making, so so give it a try !!!


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