Monday, October 31, 2016

Making Jewelry with Sospeso Transparente - Tutorial Part II

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As promised I am back with my second post on Sospeso Tutorial. I used printed sheets and paper veils for jewellery in my last post. If u missed that, here’s is the link to the same.

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Today I am sharing tutorials on making jewelry with fabric tapes and decoupage napkins. Basic process for both is same. 

I Tutorial on Fabric Tapes

Fabric tapes are designs printed on 100% cotton cloth. These are 1 meter long fabric piece containing three similar fragments. You can buy from the Craft Shop. Below is the link

1.  I am using this fabric tape for my project

To use fabric tapes roughly cut flower from the fabric tape

3. Apply sospeso glue on transparent sheet and on reverse side of fabric flower. Allow them dry a bit and then apply flower on transparent sheet

4. Allow it to dry and then cut the flower out

5. Now take a candle. Light it. And keep it at a safe distance for applying heat on reverse side. Fabric tapes take more time than printed sheets and paper veils.

6. Shape it using wooden burins on embossing pad. That’s it !!!

Now let’s learn to make necklace with fabric tapes. I am using same tape as shown above

II Tutorial on making Jewelry with Fabric Tapes

1. Using process explained above prepare your fabric flowers to be used on your neckpiece

 2. Now lets prepare base where we stick these flower. You can use metal tubes as your base. But I have planned to make my own. I am using a piece of pipe I found in mom’s kitchen. Cut it to desired length

3. To cover the pipe I am using fabric tape with sticky backing lying in my stash for more than 3 years now. You can use fabric, ribbon, threads, wool, anything, ideas are numerous. Cover entire pipe’s length with fabric tape 

4. Now take bead caps, beads and eye pins to attach to both ends of pipe. First prepare a piece given below. Use glue gun on inner side of bead cap for sticking


5. Add these to both ends of pipe with glue gun and your pretty base is done 

6. Now take your fabric flowers and make a rough arrangement of sticking them on pipe. I have decided to add leaves and some flowers in center and rest on both sides of center

7. Prepare center piece. Use glue gun for sticking. And then add this section to the center of the pipe.

8. Now stick remaining flowers

9. Add a cord or chain and Viola your neckpiece is ready. Isn’t it pretty!!!

Let’s move to second tutorial on using Decoupage Napkins to make jewelry.

III Tutorial on making jewelry with Decoupage Napkins

I am using a 3 ply napkin to make a pendant. I never tried Decoupage, so initially I was reluctant to use them on jewelry. I searched a little on using decoupage napkins and then decided to go for it. Believe me you need not to have your hands tried on decoupage napkins prior like me. The basic process of all sospeso printed mediums remains the same. But yes decoupage napkins needs a little care as they are very thin and delicate.

For using napkins you will be needing White Film available with The Craft Shop. These are thick white sheets with thermoformable properties, just like transparent films. Since these are opaque surface so you can get exactly same color as you see on napkin. You can even experiment using these white films with paper veils, pattern papers etc. And you can even use decoupage napkins with transparent sheets to dull faded effect. So let’s get started

1. Roughly cut our desired motifs from decoupage napkin. Remove ply from motifs. Apply sospeso glue on white film, let it dry a bit and add napkin motif on it. When it dries out, cut out the flower motif. I have tried napkins flower both with white film and transparent film 

 The red flower still looks bright with transparent sheet as it was already of very dark color. Other flower looks faded with transparent film. Which film to use depends on what effect you want to achieve.

2.  I also decided to use sugar crystals this time. Just apply vetrification gel glue on desired parts of flower. Sprinkle sugar crystals and allow it to dry. This takes some time. Mixing gel with crystals and then applying on flower is a messy and irritating process as crystals fall off maximum time.

3. Stick these flower on above other to form a pendant

4. Now add a bail. I have made a ribbon bail. For this take a piece of satin ribbon 1” wide and follow these steps. Use glue gun to stick

5. Stick this ribbon bail to the back of the pendant. Add threads, beads etc to complete the pendant. Your pendant is ready!!!

6. Add a cord or chain to wear

So with this tutorial I wrap up my post. I hope you liked my tutorial. If I have inspired you to create your own jewelry with sospeso transparente, do drop a link of your jewelry, would love to see your creation.

Wish you all a very Happy Diwali. May it bring joy with lots of crafting stuff for you. Will see you in November.

Till Then
Happy Crafting !!!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Prima Rossi Belle Mini Album

Hi friends,

        I am a huge fan of Prima Marketing fact who is not! They are the most gorgeous and well coordinated paper stacks and what makes it even more special are their stunning flowers,journaling cards,tags,ephemera and what not....I usually buy the entire collection and it is so much easier to create projects.

      So lets start with today's post, I created a mini album with the Prima Rossi Belle paper pad and its gorgeous flowers. The album is designed like a box and is made with chip board and has a metal closure to add more interest.

I also made little stand for the album to sit on and added some metal feet to it.

This album has 4 pages which open and flip down adding lot of interest and the purpose of today's post is to introduce you to few page styles.
I have a little video where I share the method.Once you understand the concept of making pages for your mini album you can decorate the inserts and cover as per your wish and creativity:)

Here are some close up shots of the album.

Please click here for the youtube video

NOTE: For the Binding I scored at every 3/8th of an inch and not on 3/4th inch apologies for the mistake:)

I hope you will try this and create a gorgeous album for someone special.

If u have any queries do let me know ..
Thats all for today.
See you soon

list of supplies:
Prima Rossi belle paper pad 12x12
Prima Rossi belle flowers
Prima Rossi belle flowers
Prima Rossi belle journaling cards
Black card Stock
Black chip Board
Red Tacky tape
tonic trimmer
Tim Holtz ruler 
paper cutter/xacto knife
Sizzix tags die
Mudra stamp
Martha stewart Punch
prima Skeleton leaf die
metal Angel wing feet
metal closure
prima lace trim
Bone folder
MS mini score board

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Top Reasons to use Pardo clay and Silk Screening tutorial


    Today we have a Guest Designer with us, who eats, sleeps and breathes crafts!! And if you look at her profile, your head would be spinning- for she has expertise in many many other fields and not to mention she is a pro and perfectionist in each one of them!!  Ambitious, Avid, Energitic , Passionate , Zealous - all will be a synonym for her name! She is an inspiration for all those who wish to pursue their hobby as career!! We have none other than Pritesh Anantha Krishnan of Artzire , introducing our Pardo Clay!! We are so honoured to have you here, Pritesh!! Thank you for doing a post. 

As per the company descriptions

  • Viva Decor-PARDO Art Clay. This high quality oven hardening clay is particularly suitable for filigree work because it is dimensionally stable and firm enough to maintain fine hard edges when baked. Colors are formulated to easily mix with one another but at the same time, maintaining their original sharp color shade with no visual smearing or bleeding. This clay contains pure beeswax and premium quality pigments and is condensation resistant. Easy to condition, extensive color range that was inspired by precious metal and natural stone colors. This package contains 56 grams of art clay. Comes in a variety of colors. Each sold separately. 

Lets see what she has to say!!

     Pritesh here. Some of my tests and trials on the clay, led me to the following conclusion.

1. One of the most practical aspect: PACKAGING. Unlike other clays, it comes in a re-sealable packaging, which eliminates the issues of storing. Clays dry up over time. A re-sealable packaging will elongate the shelf life, particularly in warmer climates, like that of India.

2. The consistency of the clay is SMOOTH, way smoother than a few others I've seen. CONDITIONING (a rather time consuming task for harder clays like FIMO) time is reduced to less than half, which basically gives us more time to create, instead of wasting it on going on conditioning. With just 2 minutes of conditioning, the clay didn't crack even once. A typical clay takes us anything from 10 to 30 minutes of conditioning, depending also on how old the clay is (which brings us again to point number 1, elongation of storage life)

3. The range of COLOURS in Pardo is very very impressive. It's a wider range than any other i've seen.

4. The softer consistency may become a bit of an impediment for processes where the clay is to maintain its integrity in spite of many processes, e.g. canes (we are yet to test Pardo on canes, this is my guess)

5. While handling, the clay didn't get any CRACKS. Even extreme bending produced no cracks, which is a huge advantage while working with 3D pieces. Air incorporation and cracking is a really big problem with 3D pieces. And PARDO IMPRESSES!! 🙂

I also have a video for you, to show, how the Pardo clay looks , feels and how it can be stored. It also shows how Silkscreen can be done on Polymer clay and some tips!! So dont miss this video!!

I wanted to try and test in other pieces, before I gave a shout out!! And here it is Chandbali, made from Pardo!! Look at the results!! Need I say something?!!

Wow!! Gorgeous pieces!! Thank you so much Pritesh!!

Guys, give it a try and share your experiences!! The Craft Shop now has a huge range of Pardo clay and more stock coming soon!! We also have the Silk Screen Kits!!!So go ahead splurge!!

Silk Screen Kits

                  Pardo Clay

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