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Design your Washi Jewelry - Guest DT Divya N


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Making it more interesting,we have Divya from Jewels of Sayuri, doing a blog post for us!! Yup!!!
Anyone who is into jewelry making, would know her name!! She is so popular by her blog  She is a Fashion/ Jewelry designer and lecturer at NIFT! Her artisitic and creative jewelry making skills are astounding! And the ideas are out of the world!! She would be showing how to use washi tape in jewelry. Over to her

Washi Tape Jewellery
When I think of summer jewellery, I immediately think of fun colorful pieces that are quirky and kitschy. This is the time of the year, when all you want to wear, are plain tees or simple kurtas and quirky statement jewellery is a great way to add panache to your outfits. Washi tapes are a simple and easy way to add color to your jewelry particularly to recycled and upcycled pieces that I love making. Whether you want to upcycle an existing (read old and jaded) piece or create a one product, multiple patterns, color combinations and moods can be achieved through washi tapes. Here in this post, I would like to share with you, some upcycled product designs that I have incorporated washi tapes in. 
They are easy on the wallet and lead to lesser landfill.

Upcycled Tag pendant
As a fashion designer I understand the need for branding and appreciate the skill that go into creating them, but at the end of every shopping trip
I feel very bad as I am left with a heap of tags that I have to throw away. I turned around one such wine colored tag that had a beautiful textured finish into a long pendant with some tape, rhinestone chain, fluffy yarn, and a wooden disk component
Supplies used: Victoria Washi Tape Set
Bottle Necklace
When I saw the pack of 4 washi tapes stacked one below the other on a central axis, it reminded me of my bottle necklaces. My bottle necklaces are famous for their visual narratives with a story on  each bottle but never really have I tried to explore multiple patterns on them. So I took this opportunity to recreate the tape packs as bottle necklaces. First came the casual travel necklace with the camera prints. Then came the ornamental variation. The wine patterns had a rich baroque influence with the vines and scrollwork that felt too prim and proper for the concept of the bottle necklace. So I made it quirky by adding gold acrylic beads and wire wrapped saree ribbon beads to it. I have used pewter ball chain and copper link chain respectively as necklaces for these bottles

 Supplies used: Victoria Washi Tape Set
Filigree boho necklace
This design is again a recycling project where I have recycled and yes, upcycled a left over piece of painted metal filigree to create an asymmetric necklace. Left over metal filigree bits often go unused due to their sharp edges.  I used washi tapes to seal and cover up the edges, creating a workable base. As a mixed media jewellery designer, I love incorporating textiles in my work. So I have knotted sari ribbons in pink and blue in the middle and added a sea glass bead as a pendant drop. Metal chain, looped yellow beads, and a handmade wire clasp complete the quirky and colorful filigree boho necklace.

With end we come to the end of my experiments with Washi tapes. I hope you enjoyed looking at it and I hope that you found it interesting. Do tell us in the comments if you tried making or wearing washi tape jewellery and share your experience with us. For more ideas, inspirations and tutorials please visit my blog Jewelsofsayuri and/or my Facebook page Sayuri.

Author Bio: Divya is an apparel and jewellery designer, design educator and blogger. When she is not busy discussing culture and design, she travels in search of inspiration.

Thank you so much for the post Divya! I am sure, many got inspired to create jewelry using washi tapes!!! Your ideas were so unique!!

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  1. How pretty that is, Divya! Never thought of using washitape this way!Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks Neha, I am glad that you found it interesting :)


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