Sunday, April 24, 2016

Thai Clay Flower Tutorial - LILY

Good day!! Priya here , bringing you Thai Clay flower tutorial!!! Yes you heard it right, thats me!! I was introduced to this art from sometime back by the very talented flower , doll clay artist Priya Nanthakumar. I had learnt a few flowers from her. But had no time to try again or practice. Our Birthday blog posts gave that much needed motivation to make flowers and you ppl have to tell me if I did a decent job!! . Feel free to write to me if you find any corrections.

Why Thai Clay?
           Thai Clay is an air dry clay imported from Thailand, its birthplace.It is made from a type of corn starch and does not break or crack after drying.Thai Clay is extremely flexible, shape able and dries in light transulcent finish, which is an indispensible property for making flowers. Coz an opaque drying clay cannot give a realistic flower effect. It is non toxic , so children can use them too.

Materials used

Cutter for Lily
Frill tool
Pasta Machine
Cold cream
Plastic sheets
Brush, Scissors, Glue

Tips Before Starting

1. Always clean your hands before you begin.
2. Always keep the clay wrapped in cling film and in air tight box once you open it.
3. Use a Foam pad below, when you are cutting petals and leaves. This makes the pressure even and gives a neat cut.


1. Open the thai clay packet and take out the required amount. Put a small dot of colours as shown and mix well pulling and stretching the clay between the fingers till the colours are evenly mixed. You can also use the green pigmented clay from our store, to save time and get that perfect color you need.

2. This is how it should look.

3. Grease the plastic sheet very lightly with cold cream.

4. Press the white clay between two plastic sheet and pass it through  the pasta machine , Keeping the setting at 3. In some pasta machines, this may be a little thinner or thicker. So you need to adjust the number based on your preference.

5. This is how it should look.

6. Open the plastic sheet and cut out petals with cutter-3 big and 3 small as shown.

After you cut, remove the extra clay and keep it in plastic wrap in air tight box .

7. Now press the petal on the petal veiner to get the impression. At this stage, keep the petals covered , till you give shape to the petals or it will dry.

8. Hold the back of the petal edges firmly on your left hand and move the frill tool to and fro gently with your right hand. This gives a slight curl to the edges and so natural look.


9.Add a thin layer of clay around the wires to hide it and adhere it at the back with glue.Wires are used to hold the petals in place and bending when needed.Now allow the petals to dry on an apple tray, so that it gets the natural bend while drying.

9. Colour the petals and add dots in the centre. Following similar steps,make the leaves and buds with green clay

11.Add stamens and pollens to the centre.Alternate the big petals and small petal and stick all the wires together using green tape.

Add some green clay around the wires and attach the leaves and buds.. Your Lily flower is ready!!


  1. Surprise surprise !! Seeing a craft from Priya after long that too sobrealisic flowers ! Loved the natural looking colors on it ,Awesome job Priya !!

  2. Wowzer, Priya! Flowers look so real. Fantastic job. I think you should craft more often!

  3. Realistic flowers Priya! Too good!!

  4. Priya!!! Love it...You made it look so simple... :) Keep coming with more like these!

  5. Wow.! Looks so realistic :) awesome work <3

  6. Am seeing ur first handmade one.u rocked it.thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Dear Priya, Glad to read this post after a long tym... I started my journey in crafting with thai clay,learnt flowers and bought like so much of clay and cutters... now they are all lying like that in corner of my craft wardrobe... This post has again inspired me to restart thai clay..
    Loved the way u explained.


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