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How To Photograph and Edit Your Craft Projects - Part 2

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I am here today continuing my previous post. Today I shall share some tips on editing your captured photos using a professional photo editing software - Adobe Photoshop. The tips that I am sharing are easy and you can easily do it even if you don't know anything about Photoshop or image editing.

      Once you are done with photography, the final step is to edit the photos in a image editing program. There are any free software available, you can use them. I use Adobe Photoshop and will be sharing few basic things about post processing your projects. Here are few tips I am sharing to edit photos. I am keeping things simple so that even a layman can understand and edit using Photoshop.

(a)    Cropping - It means keeping only the desired part of the image and discard the remaining. Here are the steps you can do in Photoshop.

Step 1: Open your photo in Photoshop.

 Step 2: Pick the crop tool from tool box

Step 3: Cropping marks will appear on image. Drag them inside to crop the image. This is the area which will be left after cropping. Adjust the crop area and press enter to finish it. While cropping, do leave some room around your project.

Image after cropping -

(b)    Adjusting Levels - Levels tool can move and stretch the brightness levels of an image. It has the power to adjust brightness, contrast, and tonal range by specifying the location of complete black, complete white, and midtones in a histogram. I use it when I want pure white background.
Open Image Menu -> Adjustments ->Levels or simply press Ctrl + L

You will find three eye dropper icons - black, grey and white. Pick the white dropper. The one which is encircled in red in picture below-

Click the area of the image which is close to light. You can always experiment with this. Press ok to finish. If your image is intense, drag the middle slider. This is my image before and after adjusting levels.

Image before adjusting levels-

Image after adjusting levels-

See the difference in both the pictures !! Isn't it a simple way to correct images.

(c)    Adjusting Curves - The Curves command can adjust image's tonal range and the brightness of certain color tones. This command alone can correct your image. Curves is all about taking that straight diagonal line running through the grid and reshaping it into a curve!
Open Image Menu -> Adjustments ->Curves or simply press Ctrl + M

At first, the line is straight because we haven’t yet made any changes. As we bend the line to create a curve (or curves), we make adjustments to the various brightness levels in the image. Move the curve line upward and see brightness changes in image.


 Image before adjusting curves-

Image after adjusting curves –

(d)   Image Size - Since digital images are large in size making it difficult to upload on internet sites.  You can change image size and resolution using image command of Photoshop. You can find it under Image Menu. I usually decrease the width or height keeping the "Constrain Proportion" on.

(d)   Adding Borders- You can add finishing touch to your image by adding borders to it. Though there are many ways to add borders but here I am sharing a step by step tutorial for adding soft border around image.

Step 1: Pick the "Rectangular Marquee Tool" from toolbox.

Step 2: Set value of feather to 200px (max. is 250). This will soften the selection edges.
Step 3: Do View Menu -> Show -> Grid command to appear the gridline.
Step 4: Make a selection around image leaving space for border. Use gridlines for equal width border

Step 5: Do Select Menu -> Inverse command to invert the selection.
Step 6: Turn off the grid. Again do View Menu -> Show -> Grid command for this.
Step 7: Press D from keyboard and flip the colors to get white as foreground color.

Step 8: Choose "Paint Bucket Tool" or press G. Fill white color in border.

Step 9: Press Ctrl+d to deselect. Save your image in the format you want.

Image after adding border

So this is all for today's post. If you have any query do drop a comment.

Till Then
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  1. Wow really u hav made pic editing so much easier for those who dont even Photoshop.a great post .

  2. What a brilliant clarification and details on photography, absolutely will help me in future while taking photographs!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. woohoo...another great post..thankyou

  4. Detailed explanation! Thank you so much!


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