Friday, August 7, 2015

Papericious 3D Dome Stickers

Hello crafty friends! How are you all doing? Today I'm here - not with a card but with something really interesting project! Did you know about the Indian Paper Brand called Papericious? They deal with beautiful pattern papers and now they have come up with something interesting called 3D Dome Stickers and Collage Sheets. You should definitely go and check our store - The Craft Shop to purchase them! They are really worth it!

So these are the things I'm talking about. I made a few experiments with these stickers and also I'll give you a few ideas on how to use them!

Just peel off the sticker from the sheet and place it on the collage paper and just trim it! There you go! You'll have a nice, shiny and beautiful embellishment. I think it's great for scrapbooking and for other altered items.

My second one showcases the beautiful butterfly from Prima paper collection. I just placed the sticker on the butterfly and trimmed it out. It's very hard to remove the paper once it is stuck because these dome stickers are so sticky! And be careful about your finger prints too..

I went ahead and created this piece of art.. ;) haha.. just kidding! I traced the circle (size of the dome sticker) and drew this little scene inside the circle, colored it and erased all the pencil lines. I then carefully placed the sticker on to the top of the image! Voila! You can make your custom embellishments too! Yay!!

I traced the circle again and this time I stamped the image and sentiment from Altenew Stamp set, water-colored it and placed the dome sticker.. Tadaaaa!!

What all you can do! 

You can simply place/stuck the dome sticker on any image you like eg. from a magazine, newspaper and also the picture of your loved ones! This doesn't work great on fabric, I tried on two fabrics - one is brasso silk and the other is satin. Both didn't turn out well! So this is not recommended for fabric and ofcourse if you want you can try it. But I think it's super duper fine with paper..

I hope you like this post. If you are interested in any of these supplies you can check The Craft Shop for more details. Thanks for stopping by! Take care.. :)


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