Thursday, June 4, 2015

Generation Stamping vs Motion Stamping

Good morning everyone! This is Deepti here sharing two cards with you today showing the difference between Generation stamping Technique and Motion Stamping Technique. These two stamping techniques look similar but they are used in different ways.. So let's get started!

Generation Stamping

This is a great technique if you have only one colored ink pad and you still want to achieve different colors tones/shades on your card

ProcedureStamp once and get a dark image. Stamp again – without cleaning – and get a medium-shade image. Stamp a third time and get a light image. Only one ink needed… but it looks like three.

Result - simple, saves a lot of time and it gives wonderful ombre or monochromatic results.

Here is an example!

a closer look!

Motion Stamping 

ProcedureYou stamp the image the first time with the stamp fully inked, then without re-inking, you just repeat stamping the image.  Each time you stamp, the image becomes lighter and it does give the impression of motion.

Result - Such a fun technique and you really can see your stamped image in motion.. lol! ;)

inks - tsukineko ink quartet - radiant neon cool, stamps - inspired by stamping

a closer look

And also to make these card I used Tsukineko Neon Pigment Inks. These are very vibrant and it has some sweet odour. They give a crisp image while stamping. I also used these inks for water- coloring(3rd and 4th pic). They are so pretty!!

I really enjoyed thoroughly making these cards and I hope you got inspired. If you do so please share your creations on our FB page - Color Conceptions so that we can drop by your blog and leave some love. If you are interested in buying any of these supplies please visit The Craft Shop and enjoy..

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great day.. :)


  1. Thanks for sharing these cool techniques Deepti! :)
    Suchi xx

  2. I had read abut motion stamping from your recent penguin card on your blog and now that both were described I found them a little confusing! Loved the neon shades and your cards are always so adorable and different :)


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