Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Note Of Thanks with Wink of Stella Black. ..

Hello everyone! Deepti is here and I hope you are all doing well and having a great weekend. Today, I have 'a kind of card', it's not a card actually, it's a 'book card'. Yeah! ;)

Well.. today, I'm highlighting a product from The Craft Shop i.e., 

You can find a lot of reviews on YouTube about this product but while I was playing with this pen, I noticed a few things about this glamorous black glitter pen!

1. It is a thick glitter paint
2. It is permanent
3. Press a little and work more, do not press too hard, if you do so the ink might leak
4. You can either do calligraphy or simply doodle
5. Above all it's just glamorous! and I loved it so much!

Okay! I have tried this pen on different kinds of paper and now let's have a look at them.

I love writing, here is an example of my 'thanks' and hearts. The black color is just gorgeous on this white paper.

Here is another example, I think it's fine on some colored paper!

My love for doodling/drawing, you can simply draw anything you like. I haven't used any pencil to draw these flowers, if you want you can draw with a pencil first and then go with this glitter pen and then erase all the pencil lines. You will never notice the ink smearing or smudging while erasing because it is permanent!

This one was a fun part. On black cardstock this glitter pen happens to appear like gold. Magic magic!!
Did some stenciling on this one. This pen doesn't stick on acetate or slippery surface kind of surfaces and it's very easy to clean!

And finally I drew on some Pattern Paper! And I think it's just awesome!

I hope you loved my tiny attempt on this Wink Of Stella Black Pen. If you are interested in buying  any of these supplies please visit The Craft Shop. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment. Take care and I'll see you next time! ;)


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