Friday, May 15, 2015

Krylon Leafing Pen Review - Trials and Errors..

Hello dear friends! Welcome back to another post here at CCC blog and this is Deepti here with the review on the most gorgeous, elegant and fantastic product 

It comes in Copper, gold and pale gold, red and silver. But I have got only 2 colors i.e., Gold and Copper so today I'll be showing you my trials and errors with these pens. 

 What is a Krylon Leafing pen?
A Krylon Leafing pen is a smooth flowing paint pen. It adds a high quality metallic accents to any surface, with a finish that resembles metal plating. It has chisel tips that draw thick or thin lines on wood, metal, plastic, glass, craft foam, plaster, ceramic, fabric, paper and more. It allow you to vary the width of your paint strokes, making them perfect for calligraphy. All you need is a little imagination! Leafing Pen dispense a fast-drying, metallic paint for highlighting any art, craft, or home decorating project.

 How to use it?
Shake the pen and press the nib on paper and start working

My experience
Do's and dont's - The chisel nib comes off easily so always put the cap on and shake it before using. If you don't put the cap on and shake, the ink will spill all around..It just happened to me, my pattern papers, cardstock and my hands got spoiled. So just be careful.. ;)

Is it permanent?
Yes! it is permanent. If your hands get stained use soap water to remove the stains.

How it can be used in paper crafting?
We all love paper! Yes! Since being a crazy card maker I found out a few ways to use these Krylon Leafing Pen Uses.. 

My trials and errors

1. Creating Backgrounds

Yes! You can create beautiful backgrounds with these pens by drawing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines. Or you can  simply create your own pattern. I simply drew the horizontal lines.. :)

2. Calligraphy

Yes! You can write your favourite sayings or quotes.. 
Please excuse my bad bad hand writing.. :(

3. Creating borders

You can create funky and elegant borders.. Look at these pics.. 

Pic 1
See how I created the border on the tag

pic 2

Look how I created the border on this card.. :)

4. Coloring/Painting

a) Coloring/Painting MDF laser cuts

b) Coloring/Painting diecuts

c) Coloring/Painting threads

5. Faux Embossed Images

I have a tiny tutorial.. Kindly go through it..

Take a piece of cardstock and paint the area, where you want to stamp. Then allow it to dry for some time.

Then stamp your desired image in versamark ink and heat set it with white embossing powder.

Look how beautiful it is.. ;)

Don't do it
Do not apply the paint after heat embossing the image because the embossed image cannot resist the paint.. Please look at the picture here..

And here is the card I created only with 18KT Gold Leafing Pen.. :)

Here is an other project highlighting painting mdf and die-cuts

I hope you have got some idea on how to use these leafing pens. And I hope you enjoyed reading this post.. If you are interested in buying these leaafing pens Kindly visit The Craft Shop and fill your cart with some awesome products.

Thanks for being with me till the very end of the post. Take care and I'll see you next time.. :)

Products used from The Craft Shop


  1. Oh wow! Great tips and tricks Deepti! So many ways to use the Leafing pen!!!

  2. Wow..This leafing paint looks amazing and a must have.Thanks for the tips Deepti.The card is so elegant n rich looking !

  3. This looks really good, I had a Painty Gold tip pen but this looks way better !!

  4. These pens are amazing. .love your work using these pens Deepti and thanks for the tips :)

  5. Such a fabulously written review post. Thank you for sharing Deepti
    Dr Sonia
    Cards Crafts Kids Projects

  6. a wonderful review the pens n their metallic effect ...TFS dear !!

  7. Thank you so much dear ladies.. :)


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