Saturday, April 5, 2014

Creating Miniatures

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Have you ever tried making miniatures...  like miniature books, posters, iPhone, etc...
They are super fun to make & sometimes a bit brainstorming and a lot of trial & error is needed to create that perfect little, cute miniature... 
I am a bit of perfectionist when it comes to art & craft... so I tend to discard all the pieces that I don't look perfect to me..
So I amhere to share a few of the miniatures that I have made recently.... I don't have the WIP pix but I will try to explain the process...
Lets start with the easiest one... In the above pic I have made miniature movie posters... 
These are very simple.. just open google, search & save the movie poster that you like, open it in any image editing software, resize it, print it on good quality heavy weight cardstock & trim it around the edges...
Now you can leave it at that or go a step further to create the shine..
To achieve the glossy finish you can either use a photo paper to print the image or  heat emboss it.
To heat emboss simply take any watermark ink like Versamark & cover the whole image with it , pour some clear embossing powder on top, shake off the excess & melt the powder with your heat tool ( work quickly here or the image can bleed). 
I have made the book covers here in the same way.. & adhered them to small white paper boxes to look like books
 Now this one is a little complicated if you don't know photoshop or some similar software... I searched some iPhone icons & background on google & then designed this iPhone in photoshop. To add a little more detail I modified the calendar icon to show the date & day of the recipient's birthday. Rest of the process is similar to making the movie poster.

In the above picture I have made a miniature camera from scratch... When I was asked to add a camera to this explosion box I had no idea what I should do...I just  said I will figure something out...
At first I was a bit confused & asked few friends for suggestions... I had no camera die, the die that was available for camera was either too big or too small, the camera charm that I had was way to small & same was the case with other embellishments that I found online... So at last I decided to make it myself from cardstock... & I am glad that I did... The requirement was also for a 3D camera not a flat cut out or printout.... So I added 5 layers to create it... I drew all the 3 base layers by hand & cut it with scissors... Next I die cut one circle & one ring with the smallest circle dies that I had to make the lens... Then I took my versamark ink & black embossing powder & heat embossed all of my pieces.... For the textured layer I melted the powder & quickly flipped it down om my textured silicon mat... I let it cool down before removing... & I had my texture  :)
The last thing I did was assembling all the layers on top of each other using black foam tape & adding a piece of black satin ribbon at the back as the camera strap..

So these are a few tips to make miniatures... Miniatures look adorable & the tiny details add to their realistic look... So look around, observe & find new & innovative ways to create life like miniatures from the tools & materials that you already have...
I hope you enjoyed my methods to make miniatures... 
Thank you for sticking till the end of such a lengthy post... see you soon...

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  1. You are crazy talented girl.Big fan of your creativity.

  2. I was WOW-ed' when I first saw your this project on facebook and now that you have shared your creative process on how to make these miniatures, I am just stumped at the amount of work you have put in! Brilliant use of Photoshop especially loved the camera and all the work that went into creating it. Just BRILLIANT !!

  3. This is beyond awesome... wow... so much detailing... hats off nupur... I am officially now ur biggest fan!

  4. I am awestruck.You are so so talented and clever and generous with sharing your ideas.I am extremely impressed and inspired.Loved all the techniques you used here and can't pick any favourite.I have been scrolling up and down for quite some time now.Total eye candy this post is and full of so many techniques.loved this post.Well done.

  5. Brilliant !! Thanks for inspiring....

  6. love all the miniatures Nupur...awesome post !!

  7. WoW !! I loved these miniatures Nupur...thanks for the post..

  8. i loved d camera...and those cute little books...choooo cute

  9. love it love it love it alllll !!

  10. adorable tiny! Mini iphone perfect for geek friend and the camera sheer genius!

  11. This is such an amazing post!! and a sheer talent!! that perfect mini books, super cool iphone and lovely camera ! All of them fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  12. OK.. So this is called being crazily talented and creative! I've never come across anything that looks like what you made... As i scrolled down the post I realised each miniature item you made just got better. The camera is my favorite! It's SO adorable! The books look really like books! Awesome job girl, cheers!

  13. Lovely Post Nupur!.. Love all the miniatures and the detail which has gone into them. Too good!

  14. amazing nupur... those books and iphone.... and love the camera... please make a tutorial of the camera one... its tooooooo good:)

  15. OMG Nupur you sure have loads of talent & patience!! So much of work in this one.


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