Saturday, March 8, 2014

Glitter with Stencil

Hello friends...

Nupur here from Nupur Creatives...
I hope you all are having fun with our new Glam With Glitter Challenge...
Today I am going to share a glitter technique with you all..
Stencils are in trend right now...  & today we are going to combine glitter with stencils to create beautiful & glittery backgrounds...

I saw this technique on Jennifer Mcguire's blog and I loved the results... 

Lets get started...
Here are the materials we are going to need for this technique:
  • Sticker sheet/ adhesive backed sheet
  • Versamark Ink pad
  • Stencil
  • bone folder (optional)
  • glitter in 2 or more contrasting colors
  • scrap piece of paper to catch the excess glitter

take the stencil & rub versamark ink pad on the side that will be facing the sticker sheet.
This will prevent the stencil from adhering to the sticker sheet permanently

Remove the paper backing from the sticky part of the sticker sheet ( don't throw the backing paper, we will be using it in the next few steps).
The sticker sheet is thin so I have cut it slightly larger than the stencil & attached it to a thick card stock with some masking tape (the sticky side should be facing up). Now place the stencil (versamark side face down) on top of the sticker sheet.

Now take the backing paper & place it on top of the stencil ( shiny side facing the stencil) & burnish it nicely... there should be no gaps between the stencil & the sticker sheet otherwise the glitter will slip under the stencil & the resulting image won't be crisp.
I have used  my bone folder for this step but if you don't have it then you can use a similar tool or even your fingers...

Now remove the backing paper & pour glitter all over the stencil & remove the excess by gently tilting it & tapping on the back a few times...

Now again take the backing paper & burnish the glitter in the exposed adhesive of the sticker sheet...

Take a soft bristle brush or a baby wipe to remove all the loose glitter from the stencil...
 Gently peel off the stencil from the sticker sheet... take care not to tear the sticker sheet during this step...

Now pour the 2nd color of glitter on top & remove the excess.

Again take the backing paper & burnish the glitter..
Burnishing also gives the glitter a slightly velvety finish.

Now your glittery background is ready to be used..  :)

You can also die cut this glitter paper & use it as accents.

Here is a card I made with it... 
(Please excuse the design & photography as I assembled it in a real hurry before leaving for my holidays )

For the butterfly & the border I die cut both of them & adhered them on sticker sheet & trimmed off extra sticker sheet... next I poured the glitter on top & burnished it.. so the negative space of the die cut was glittered... to match the glittered paper bckground...

I hope you will try out this technique & join us in our current challenge.

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  1. Excellent tutorial... The card looks beautiful.... Thanks Nupur for sharing it with us!!!!

  2. Its a beautiful card and a wonderful technique ..definitely would love to give this a try :) ..Thank you so much for sharing Nupur :)

  3. I didnt understand one thing - are you putting glitter on the sticker sheet or just using the sheet to fix the stencil to another sheet? If its the sticker sheet then what about the parts which still have the adhesive (not covered in glitter), wont it stick to unnecessary things?

  4. OMG!!! look at the awesomeness!!! Its a real treat to watch the glamerous glitter!!!


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