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Glitter Fun with our Guest Designer

Hello lovely ladies!
Today we have a very special guest with us for this months theme. She is one girl who can never have enough glitter! Yes you guessed it right.................its none other than glitter girl - Tejal sharing her favorite techniques & tips. Over to you Tejal............
Hello everyone...
Tejal here today....and it is my absolute pleasure to be a part of Color Conceptions blog as a Guest Blogger today... (Its a long post...have a glass of cold juice and join me!)
Glitter has always mesmerized me and I love using it in any way possible on my cards, on my projects. It gives any project that finishing touch and a little bit of Oomph and Glam! Which is what this challenge is all about!
Today I'm focusing on dry glitter...that is glitter particles. Not the ones that come in a glue form.
When using Dry glitter, you can apply it in many ways.... with liquid glue, adhesive sheets, double sided tapes, glue pad, sticky embossing powder, mod podge etc.
I'm sharing my 3 favorite ways of using them...I absolutely hate using glue and applying it...because it doesn't give me the perfect finish that I always love!

Glitter can be used as an accessory to highlight the main image (Card 1)
As a background piece  (Card 2)
or to highlight the focal image (card 3)

Method 1.. Using Adhesive sheets.
 These are label sheets with one side sticky and the other side plain. I stick the plain side down to a card-stock so that I can handle the paper better.  (click on any pics to see it bigger)

I have the sticker sheet, a card stock for the base and my colored image, as well as glitter from Priya's Store.
 I have glued the matt side of the adhesive sheet (it has a matt and a glossy side)  to my CS. This CS is cut 1/4th larger than my image piece.
After gluing the sticker sheet, peel off the glossy backing sheet and center your image on the adhesive sheet and stick it down well.
Now you have 1/4th inch border of adhesive sheet that is sticky and ready to take on some bling!!

Pour down your glitter, and using your finger rub it well into the sheet of adhesive.This is a very important step to make sure you glitter stays put.
Tap off the excess and using your a soft stiff brush, remove the excess.

TIP :  always keep some wet wipes. They are the best way to clean glitter!!

And voila..the panel is ready!!

An apt sentiment, finishes the Card.

 If you are worried about the glitter flaking off, you can always give a spray of sealant. I would recommend Arfina artist's fixative (charcoal and pencil- transparent) or the Bosny clear fixative.  (Warning- use these sprays in open ventilated areas. Do not spray them in a closed room, since they have a very strong smell)

Method 2 - Using Double Sided Tapes/Score Tapes

For this card...I'm starting with a base white CS and covering it with rows of double sided tapes. Use different widths of double sided tapes for more funk, or you can use just one size and still have fun!!
I am going for a rainbow color scheme, so I have six rows of tapes...
Tip : Try to get your tapes as close to each other you can..even the slightest gap will show up when you add glitter!! (check out the white line between the purple and the blue glitter) 

 Peel off one tape at a time and add glitter. Planning your colors is essential.
Use your finger and rub the glitter in well.
And continue with all the colors..

  Tip : Try to avoid touching the exposed sticky tape as much as you can. I stuck my finger in, and got a big blob of oil on the dark blue glitter. The glitter didn't stick matter how hard I burnished (rubbed it in)
And here is my final center piece ready...use a brush and wet wipe to clean the excess glitter off.
And here is my finished card with the glittered background piece. Click it to big it!
The glitter piece is mounted on text paper and that is on a scalloped square.
The flower is made with vintage text book paper and the edges are again glittered (here I used liquid glue to edge the petals and dipped it in glitter)

Method 3- With Sticky Embossing powder.

This is the best way to add glitter to any of your stamped images. Works with solid as well as outline images. You need Versamark, Sticky embossing powder, your stamp..and colored inks.

Tip : Try to pick ink color near to the color of glitter that you are going to use. I'll explain more about it later. Here I'm using pink glitter, so using Rose bud Memento ink.

Take your stamp, apply versamark and then tap with your colored ink...and then stamp it on your paper. Versamark remains sticky even if you add another color of ink on top! 

 On left is my image with versamark... and on right is my image with sticky embossing powder.
 This is a chunky powder..its like grains of salt..keep adding till you get an even coverage of powder over your image.

Tip : Before melting it with your heat gun...let your heat gun warm up for a few seconds..I let mine get hot for around 30 seconds and then melt the powder. The sticky powder has to melt quickly...if you let it melt over a few seconds, it will burn. (My sticky powder used to burn always....since I used to treat it like a regular embossing powder...before I learned this little tip from Jennifer Mcguire..just passing it on to you guys!)

As soon as your powder melts, pour glitter and press it in. Tap the rest of it off, and clean the excess with a soft stiff brush.

The reason I ask you to use a colored ink with your Versamark  is this...the extreme left of my image has a patchy glitter coverage. But because I stamped it with pink and used pink really can't make it out, unless I tell you to look for it. (Zoom the image and see!)

Had I just used plain versamark and Sticky Embossing powder, the results would have been ugly.

So now that my focal image is ready, lets assemble the card.

So there's my glittery a focal point of this card.

Hope you enjoyed this glittery glam post...albeit a bit long!!. If you have any questions about anything...leave a comment for me, and I will be sure to answer it!!

Thank you Priya for letting me have a ball with my favorite craft supply of all time!! Have fun everyone!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these Tejal.....................I have not yet tried the last one, will do it soon now.

    1. Thank you Tanvi...Please do try with sticky embossing powder..its so much fun!!

  2. Tejal..loved ur post....would love to try these techniques...alas!..still no glitter in my stash :P...but u gave me ample reasons to get some :) n loved tht cupcake :P

    1. Thanks babe...I'll send you some glitter!!

  3. Wow! Tejal! Awesome post. I've tried both first and second, will try the third one.. Thank you so much.. :)

  4. Thanks TEJAL... Lovely post with beautiful cards!!!

  5. Thanks a ton for d tips. Tried making a card do other day and failed miserably as d glitter was all over d place n didn't gleaned a crisp line. Will try again using your tutorial.

    1. Kripa do try and feel free to ping me or email me if you have a problem...I'll be happy to guide you through!

  6. Brilliant stuff! Love glitter and everything you do with it, T! :-)

  7. Such an awesome post Tejal . I just love each of the techniques you have shared here and your cards are so so beautiful ! ..Like Tanvi I have yet to try the last technique :) .
    Priya you are so spot on in inviting Tejal for this .. for me glitter and Tejal are synonymous with each other :)

    1. You flatter me with your kind words Hussena!! I really couldn't say no to Priya when she dangled the glitter carrot in front of me!! :p

  8. thanks for the tutorial and tips. will be very helpful

  9. This is one awesome glitter post Tejal!!! No one could have explained the tips and tricks better than you!! Thanks for being for GD this month. It was a pleasure! :) Huggs

    1. It was my pleasure could I have ever said no to Glitter and to you!!! :D

  10. Thank CC team for this tips and for showcasing gorgeous cards

  11. Awesome post Tejal :) Thanks for sharing all the tips about adding glitter.

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