Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tutorial: How to use Border Buddy


     Great day all!! Having Suganthi Mohan of Quilling Dreams in our blog is a GREAT HONOUR to us. She is very famous in the blog land for Quilling works. They are unique, painstakingly done and perfect till the last scroll!! Her blog is a visual treat for anyone who visits!!

She immediately agreed to give a tutorial for me!! Thank you so much Suganthi!!Over to her..

Thank you for the opportunity Priya!.I have used the square border buddy for this tutorial. Take the required length of paper strip and start from one edge of the square. When you finish going around all the sides glue the strip as shown just this once , before you go around the second time.

 It is important that you pull the strip tight when you go around the square, and each time you reach a corner pinch the strip .

Stick the end

 Remove the rolled square off the border buddy carefully.

Press gently to even the rolled strips 

 Glue over the edges of the square and press with your finger or tweezers to stick all the layers of the square , this will strengthen the square.

Here you have a perfect square.

 Here is a tip on how to get same thickness in triangles of different sizes. Earring tutorial.

I used four sizes of the triangles on the triangle border buddy. I choose the biggest left out the next two which is number 4 then I left out two more sizes and used number 7 then again number 10.
Keeping the numbered side as reference I counted the number of times I go around the triangle. For these earrings I wound the strip 8 times around . Stick two or three strips together to make a long strip before you start.

Again for the small black triangle I wound around the border buddy 8 times.

Repeat the same with the white strips and this is what you get

Stick the triangles one into the other alternating the colours.

Tear a strip of black and white and join the pieces alternating the colours ,now use a slotted tool or needle to make a tight coil . Take a 3 inch black strip and make a small tight coil. Stick them all as shown together. Repeat the same for the other earring.

Add the findings and you now have a simple delicate pair of earrings

Hope you all liked it!!

Thank you Suganthi!! Those are beautiful earrings!!
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Thanks for stopping by!

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