Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Inspired to Personalize !!!

Hello lovely crafters!
 This is Tanvi & its so wonderful to have you here again. 
Thank you all for the lovely comments on Neha's post & of course to Neha for being generous to part with her cards! The one lucky winner to win 2 cards of her choice is Vaishnavi (Vaish04) - 

WOW!! That was insanely awesome post!! Loved the detailed explanations along with examples. I love how you showed your inspiration and the card/creation from it too!! Totally got my mind swirling around with ideas. I've got quite a creative room and I bet i can find some inspiration just by looking around. Oh, and that touch of scientific inspiration list? TRIPLE AWESOME!!!

Lucky girl you are!! Please email Priya to claim your cards :)

Updated: Since Vaishnavi did not claim the givesway, a second winner was chosen and the new winner is Poornima Jain!

     You will all agree with me that it’s as difficult to make a card for someone special as it is to choose the perfect gift. But first let me ask you why do we take the time to make it – choose the colors, theme, messages, etc? It is our way to personalize it, make it unique & above all make the recipient feel truly special & loved. Is there any better way to convey our deep felt love & affection?

             By definition, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Now tell me what is it that stimulates you when you want to make a card? The immediate thought that makes my creative juices flow is the person himself! This is an example of imagery inspiration that Neha mentioned in her post - imagining a person's character & creating something suitable for him/her. 

Now, how is that inspiration you may ask? Let me take you a step further & briefly explain -

1.First take a moment & think about the person- enlist all the things that come to your mind when you think of the person - things that define who he/she is, a certain memory you have or even a situation, photographs of him…………just jot down everything. Remember inspiration comes in any form.
2. Think about his personality - bold, shy, humorous, serious, geeky, bearded, bald (ha,ha)
3.Their fetishes & habits – shoes, bags, hairstyle, tea/coffee addict, couch potato,  etc.
4. Also consider the colors they choose to wear/like, the holidays they go to, movies they like, etc.
5. Think about their styles, hobbies - avid reader, art lover, animal lover & so on, interests – cars, sports, painting, nature, adventure, wildlife, philosophy.
6.Spend a few minutes thinking - what is it you want to capture in your card?the occasion?a thought you may want to convey?
7. Once you conceive the idea visualize it. See it as a whole & whether you like it.
8. Once you have captured the essence of your idea sketch it, think of the elements you would like to add that best suits the person – colors, shapes, sentiments, quotes, etc.
9. You can at this stage also look at magazines, books, pinterest boards, blogs, etc.

 Enough of my talking now & if your are still with me let me explain with loads of pictures - 
Aren't these cards by Neha just perfect for a spritual / philosophical soul?

Here are a few examples to delight a music lover - 


This card is sure to thrill any teen fashionista "tres chic" - 

This lively CAS card with a window scene is sure to cheer a grandma with a green thumb - 

Don't you think this card by Rajni is ideal for someone who appreciates flowers / gardening / nature - 

or maybe even this - 

Isn't this pattern paper and the sentiments apt for a DIY Dad!! 

Saumya has a set of cards perfect for a book worm, this one is my favorite from the lot -

My elder daughter has a sweet tooth & loves macaroons.................she smiled when I gave her this one!

I so love this chemistry card Neha made for a science teacher - 

Here's a card for a person who loves to celebrate every occasion - 

This happy card by Neha for a gaming geek -

This one by Priya will make a cute card for a great cook / chef . Note how well she has selected the pattern paper - 

Remember it is this individual attention that makes the impact which cannot be achieved by the most expensive gifts. In my opinion personalization in the true sense is all about getting motivated by the person & then relating /coordinating it to the inspiration you derive from other sources. After all - inspiration is not just an idea but to put those ideas into action.

I thank my friends Saumya, Priya, Neha & Rajni for letting me use their cards for reference here :-).


  1. Super cool post Tanvi. Your music & DIY cards are awesome.

  2. Congratulations to Vaishnavi. Please forward your choice of two cards along with your address to Priya. Thank you for the love!

  3. Wow !! what an fabulous post Tanvi ..You have really broken down the creative process in such an easy way ..I really loved your pointers about personalising the cards according to a recipients taste and style.All the cards you have showcased explain each category so well and are truly fabulous examples ..Congrats to Vaishnavi on her win ..So lucky !!

  4. Tanvi!! you have broken down the creative process and explained it to bits... Love this post and the personalised cards shown!! Huggss

  5. super - great explanation of client based design. I really wish all you guys would teach design process at our design institutes so that Indian design can progree :) :)

  6. This is so brilliant ! such a detailed and awesome post ...loved it !!!


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