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Convert your Inspiration to Projects - Guest DT Neha Bhatt

Hello ladies,

        Hope you all are doing great!! We at Color Conception Challenges are trying to give you quality and quantity information on all creative stuff. You have heard lots and lots of  how to do, DIY , Tutorials in our blog. But is that sufficient to be creative? Reading/Seeing a tutorial is just learning. What does that have to do with creativity?  For learning to be complete, it must teach you how to create on your own. With this idea in mind, the current month challenge has been set. I am sure you will enjoy the posts throughout the month. So keep following us :)

        Ok, having such a challenge this month, calls for a Special GD , who can talk about Inspirations. She gets easily inspired from literally anything! She explains the toughest things as if it were a piece of cake! She was our GD for Nov. And you guessed it right!! None other than 

                                                       Neha Bhatt 

Please visit her FB page to drool over her stylish, chic creations! She has so many cards that would catch your eyes. Over to Neha.


I feel so happy to meet you all in my second post for CC. I would like to recall 2 posts before you read this post. How to conceive ideas for cards and Getting Inspired -Saumya talked about how to find and where to find inspiration for your craft projects. She talked about where to find them & I will talk about how to look at them & get inspired and convert it into end product. For that lets understand , what inspiration is and how it works.

Picasso says “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”. How True!!!Inspiration is there everywhere!!! It is like love <3 - May strike you at anytime, any place.. lol.. All you have to do is to spot it and capture it! Inspirations are different for different people. What looks like masterpiece for a person, might not hold the slightest of interest to other. Also, when two people look at the same thing, different features appeal to them. They may interpret it differently. Whats more funny, when you look at the same thing ,at different point of time, you get inspired by different things!! Inspiration depends on people's perception at that point of time.

When we look at a thing/picture, certain features like colors, texture, layout, shapes, size, theme, elements , look or its feel will catch our attention. Those are the elements which you can use as a start. Try to find out what appeals you very first as soon as you look at it. Start from there and try to incorporate other elements to give more resemblance. That special element can be anything.. Let me give you few examples
  • The color of the ice cream in food magazine can inspire you to use that color in your project
  • The pattern in a scarf can inspire you to use the same pattern paper in the project
  • The starry night can inspire you to use stars in the project
  • The shape of a bottle can inspire you to create bottle shaped card

I can give you so many examples like this.The matter is simple - Anything anytime may inspire you! You have to find it! Will explain it using some of my cards

  • 1.Shape in Picture as Inspiration:
The geometric shape and colors of the dress were the starting point. I created the focal point of my card using them. Black strap of sentiment is black belt of model. The card stock has thin pin stripes on it …resembling the texture of the fabric. One contrast caught my attention was the soft, frilly bottom part of the dress against solid, geometric shapes. I struggled a little there…and finally used that white ribbon under the sentiment.  

      • 2.Printing pattern of the Image turned to Stamping Technique
      This is twisted one. You may not find visual connect between inspiration and my take on it…but let me explain. I love the way the outlined girl’s image is filled with another images. Immediately I thought of masking with positive and negative of a cut out. I stamped the flower stamp on a paper, fussy cut it neatly so that you will have flower and rest of the negative (background) intact. On a white cs stamp the outline flower, mask it with background cutout, stamp smaller image (in this case thin chevron) with different ink. Let it dry. Now mask the stamped flower and stamp the background ( here io circle stamp). Pheww… hope you got the process. So the crux of the matter is… follow the element which tickle your fancy!

        3. Color of the image as inspiration: 

        Ahhaa…! What a jazzy pair of shoes, isn’t it? I fell in love with the color combo and specially how the red is peeking through. So I came up with this sketch where a corner of top layer is curled up to let the under layer peeking through. I switched the color scheme as I don’t have thin black paper to allow that curl. I added a golden bow & black stripes to add to inspiration.

        4. Scene and quotes as Inspiration
        For this one, I took inspiration from both the cards : quote from one and Scene from other. I had this stamp from io and got a chance to use it along with birds die. Hope you liked it. Oh yes, I stamped the quote once on card directly & second time on a same type of scrap paper & die cut with that bird die at desired place, added some highlight &  than aligned it on the main card.


        5. Layout of the text as Inspiration:
        In this case I got inspired by the layout of the text. The rest is simple to follow. So try to find out something different than just color and elements- to get inspired and you can use same image in multiple ways!

        6. Elements in the Image as inspiration: 
        Here, along with colors, that chandelier got my attention & decided to use it as a main inspiration. So I die cut four borders with spellbinder label & stamped them to resemble the headboard of bed. The center die cuts are with Marianne craft die (I had to cut small snippets from both ends to make it move freely within that frame). I assembled everything on a thin plastic wire for the suspended look of chandelier.  

        7. Physical Object as inspiration
        Inspirations like these are my most favorite one. I got a tag with twine from hubby’s new shirt. I hoard it for 4 months. I loved it so much that I bought that stamp set too. Now, that is some inspiration, right? I just glued few blue stripes on white cs & mounted it on silver mirror cs.

        8. Inspiration from Other's work and Theme of Image
        As you all know by now, I prefer to make single layer cards. But lately, I like this chic way of layering random papers with velum on the top. The card from super talented Debby Hughes ( is the inspiration for those layers. The main theme, colors & sentiment was inspired by the other image.  I added my touch with stamped and fussy cut boat & sun.


        Ok, Whatever I have shown you now is all inspiration from seeing- Visual Inspirations

        Would you be baffled, if I tell you that we can be inspired by all 6 senses? No? Check this out.

        Auditory Inspiration: Eg. Hearing Quotes, Sayings , Music, Film songs inspiring to create

        Olfactory Inspiration: Eg. Smelling a perfume makes you nostalgic and inspires you to create  
        Gustatory Inspiration: Eg Tasting a cupcake inspiring to create a Birthday card
        Tactile Inspiration: Eg The texture of meat can inspire you to use your texture stamp
        Imagery Inspiration: Eg. Imagining a persons character and creating something suitable for him/her

        Oooh!! Thats too much is nt it?  So I am leaving at this now.More about the same will be discussed by other DT of Color Conceptions.

             I hope I was able to inspire you, to get inspired with various things. Do leave your valuable comments.

        What insightful cards!!  Each and every project has a story of its own!! Neha, you are absolutely fabulous!! I am amazed no doubts!! And I could nt thank you enough for sharing your thought process!  As I said earlier, doing is easy.Explaining is difficult. Thank you for such generosity!

        So ladies, how do you like Nehas post? How do you like the posts you read in CCC?We would love to hear from you :)

        Thanks for stopping by


        UPDATED: Neha has delightful giveaway to you!! All you have to do is comment in this post to be eligible to win any 2 of the above gorgeous cards!! Giveaway ends in 10 days and winner is random!! Wow Neha!! Thats some giveaway, people would be much interested in!! Thank you so much!!


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        32. This most needs to be bookmarked. Awesome Neha..I love the way you draw inspirations from images and the best part is execution and incorporating them in your cards..every card is PERFECT. I can never think of drawing inspiration from such images.You have inspired a lot.Thanks for sharing your ideas.n who would not love to get these awesome card !!

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