Friday, February 28, 2014

Getting Inspired by Film Songs

Hi All,

Its been a long time since I crafted and thanks to this Blog at least I make it a point to sit and complete some projects in a month....You all must have been reading the posts by my fellow DT's and I am sure the posts have given you enough ideas to jot down your inspiration and plan your next project.

Well, my topic is getting inspired by Film Songs...I have been a total film buff and a TV girl right from my early age to the extent that I also chose a career in TV!! hehehe!! And though I watch all kinds and all language films I love cheesy and what we call bindass or tapori music a lot...and then there are those soft romantic ones that please my today I have two projects showing my two different type of film song choices and a few ideas on some other film songs that you could try out!!!

1. Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho aur Chabbi Kho Jaye....this hit number from Bobby has been the favourite of most of us and so has the song...Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai Magar Chupke Chupke from I have taken these two songs and made a mixed media project!

Hum Tum Ek Kamre Mein Band Ho aur Chabbi Kho Jaye...has been twisted a little to be "Hum Tum Ek Pinjare Mein Band Ho Aur Chabi Kho Jaye ....

This same project can go for the second song...Do Dil Mein Rahe minus the key hanging on the I have kept a few other birds and the two love birds lost in each other!!!

2. Aaaj Blue hai Paani Paani...aur Din bhi Sunny Sunny...Aa Jao in the beach yaar ...Photo meri khich...the Yo Yo Honey Singh peppy number has topped the radio charts and is teh current favourite with the youngsters ...(secretly I love it too) I thought why not use that and do a mixed media project too!!!

I have kept the backdrop blue to indicate the 'beach' and the added the sun rays for the 'sunny sunny'line...and a camera and the instant photo frame for the line..'photo meri khich'...I later thought I could have added more elements to indicate the 'beach' flip flops....trees etc...but that was an after thought ...maybe I do another project or added the elements later if I wish to!!!

Other songs that came to my mind during this project and I wish I had the time to convert all of them into craft projects ...

1. Pretty Woman walking Down the Street- for this a cool chick walking is all you need along with some other crafty materials....

2. I Just Called say..I LOVE YOU- a stamped image of telephone or mobile...or a telephone charm  with the words I LOVE YOU could be the lines a craft project can shape up!!!

3. My Grandfathers clock- an antique clock with a vintage project could be inspired by this song!!

4. Do Dil Mein Rahe Hai..Magar Chupke Chupke- another idea could be to have two hearts pop up of some vellum sheets or two hearts popping out of a pocket or under a tree etc....

I hope I have given some food for thought to you all for the enjoy yourselves and do share your projects with us....Hope you all have participated in the current challenge....still a day is left so join us !!!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Using quotes as an inspiration!

Hey everyone!

Wish you all a blessed shivratri! Plus it's a holiday! I love mid-week breaks. They're so refreshing!

I hope you've been enjoying the fabulous inspirations brought by our DT members? Such amazing ideas that will inspire you to create gorgeousness!! 

On the same note I'm here today to show you that some quotes also can inspire us to create projects.
(P.s. Please excuse the simplicity of my work-I'm at my mum's place and have had to improvise!) 

While searching for quotes, I found this-

After some contemplating I came up with this. Using the words I wanted to create a vintage feel to the layout. And yes, I found my love when the time was right :) and have a beautiful princess as well :) 

I have used DCWV paper stacks to create the layout :) 

For my 2nd layout I've used this quote I found online and used my favourite pictures to make this 8x8 layout :)

The quote on the layout says- "everyone says you fall in love only once, but that's not true, every time  I see you I fall in love all over again!"

That's all from me today. Don't forget to take part in this month's challenge #7 trendy chevrons and triangles

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Getting Inspired By Nature

Hello lovely ladies...

In this article , I will share my tips for finding inspiration for crafting from Nature. Looking at the world we live in and finding a way to integrate it into a design requires seeing nature from a new and very different perspective. There is inspiration around everywhere around you and you just need to keep your eyes and minds open!! You can find loads of ideas,shapes,textures,color combos,themes,etc form various sources of nature.
The sunset and sunrise, the song of birds, their evening gatherings, the breeze that sways trees and the winds that blow your mind away…it’s all inspiration for you. Nature is serene, beautiful, lovely, unique and a gift to every one of us. Experiencing it and getting inspired by it should be a part of every crafter's life. Listen to the birds tweeting, the wind blowing, water lapping on the shore, the crickets cricketing all night long and the trees swaying....everything is so inspiring!! See the breathtaking sunrise and sunset-how in minutes a blanket of darkness overcomes light and how the light wins over darkness. See the birds in tens, hundreds and thousands , flying away home, the clouds each of them, having their own story to tell, the plants growing greener by the day, the flowers smiling, the stars twinkling in complete darkness. Feel the waves of the sea ,the shades of the trees and the lovely gentle breeze

Here is what I have come up with inspiration from the divine beauty of nature. Hope you like them. Making CAS cards,as you all know, is not my style but I tried to gave my best. All cards that I am sharing today are specially made for this post to inspire you all. All the inspiration pictures are taken from net.

There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss  to get inspiration from these. 

I used my Technique Tuesday Stamp, IO stamp,Tim Holz stencil and Distress Inks to create this card. 


Sunrise paints the sky with pinks and reds, the sunset with peaches. It is  still and shadowy and sweet n cool !!

 I have used Memory Box Die Orchard Tree Frame , Memory Box Die Debutante Frame, and Distress Inks. The sentiment is from Tim Holz stamp set.  

How about this??
Nature changes its mood....a little warmer look now !!

For this I used Impression Obsession Hydrangea Stamp set and few Distress Inks.This was really a quick card. 

(a little cool n foggy)

In this particular picture I loved the balance of black n red and fell in love with it. I used Tim Holz stencils,Hero Arts Stamp and PTI stamp. 


We all enjoy the colors of autumn leaves. The changing fall foliage never fails to surprise and delight us. Maple leaves turn bright red ,orange and deep yellow. Aren't they pretty enough to inspire us.

Another one...!!

I combined both and created a Thank You card. I have used Justrite Stamps and Distress Inks. Also used glossy accents to make that tiny droplets.


 People of all ages love to watch the ocean waves and listen to them.I often feel refreshed by seeing scenes of the ocean. But what seems to influence me most is the sound of the ocean. The sound made by the ocean waves is really the natural sound of the universe. I feel ,the waves are singing...the rhythm they make is deep from the heart of ocean. 

Here is what I came up with...
The music die by Joycraft is complimenting the soothing and cool colors picked from ocean.
 When words fail...Music speaks!!How romantic!!


My teacher asked my favorite color. ... I said ‘Rainbow’.... and I was punished to stand out of my class.
How Iove Rainbowwwwws !!
Colors are my favorites.

And here is my card...!!
Background with all rainbow colors and the darkness I have given with black butterfly.
I have used Distress Inks, Tim Holz stencil ,Penny Black Stamp Set,Versamark Ink and Golden Heat Embossing Powder.


The answer to everything, and to life itself, is blowing in the Wind....blowing with the Wind. So much of inspirations....give your thoughts a little creative look and
give your dreams a little flight.

The kites are hand drawn and hand cut and stamp used is Dylusion Stamp.

(flowers /gardens/butterflies) 

I'm grateful for always being surrounded by handmade flowers. I consider myself quite blessed to be able to share what I know about flower making with you. I mostly use my handmade flowers on my cards. I'm sharing few of my old cards also to show how crazy I'm for flowers.

There are tons and tons of inspirations that you can get from nature. Chirping birds, softness of their feathers,innocence in their eyes...these are all sources of inspiration. Bark of the trees, their widely spread branches, smaller to smaller vein of the leaf also inspires us....sometimes to pick the theme...sometimes to pick the color combo and sometimes textures. 
Inspiration is there everywhere. All you have to do is to spot it and capture it.
I hope I was able to inspire you from nature. Do leave your valuable comments...they mean a lot to me. Besides all inspiring things around, I feel more inspired and more confident with your love and support.

((Hugs ))

Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting Inspired to Personalize !!!

Hello lovely crafters!
 This is Tanvi & its so wonderful to have you here again. 
Thank you all for the lovely comments on Neha's post & of course to Neha for being generous to part with her cards! The one lucky winner to win 2 cards of her choice is Vaishnavi (Vaish04) - 

WOW!! That was insanely awesome post!! Loved the detailed explanations along with examples. I love how you showed your inspiration and the card/creation from it too!! Totally got my mind swirling around with ideas. I've got quite a creative room and I bet i can find some inspiration just by looking around. Oh, and that touch of scientific inspiration list? TRIPLE AWESOME!!!

Lucky girl you are!! Please email Priya to claim your cards :)

Updated: Since Vaishnavi did not claim the givesway, a second winner was chosen and the new winner is Poornima Jain!

     You will all agree with me that it’s as difficult to make a card for someone special as it is to choose the perfect gift. But first let me ask you why do we take the time to make it – choose the colors, theme, messages, etc? It is our way to personalize it, make it unique & above all make the recipient feel truly special & loved. Is there any better way to convey our deep felt love & affection?

             By definition, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Now tell me what is it that stimulates you when you want to make a card? The immediate thought that makes my creative juices flow is the person himself! This is an example of imagery inspiration that Neha mentioned in her post - imagining a person's character & creating something suitable for him/her. 

Now, how is that inspiration you may ask? Let me take you a step further & briefly explain -

1.First take a moment & think about the person- enlist all the things that come to your mind when you think of the person - things that define who he/she is, a certain memory you have or even a situation, photographs of him…………just jot down everything. Remember inspiration comes in any form.
2. Think about his personality - bold, shy, humorous, serious, geeky, bearded, bald (ha,ha)
3.Their fetishes & habits – shoes, bags, hairstyle, tea/coffee addict, couch potato,  etc.
4. Also consider the colors they choose to wear/like, the holidays they go to, movies they like, etc.
5. Think about their styles, hobbies - avid reader, art lover, animal lover & so on, interests – cars, sports, painting, nature, adventure, wildlife, philosophy.
6.Spend a few minutes thinking - what is it you want to capture in your card?the occasion?a thought you may want to convey?
7. Once you conceive the idea visualize it. See it as a whole & whether you like it.
8. Once you have captured the essence of your idea sketch it, think of the elements you would like to add that best suits the person – colors, shapes, sentiments, quotes, etc.
9. You can at this stage also look at magazines, books, pinterest boards, blogs, etc.

 Enough of my talking now & if your are still with me let me explain with loads of pictures - 
Aren't these cards by Neha just perfect for a spritual / philosophical soul?

Here are a few examples to delight a music lover - 


This card is sure to thrill any teen fashionista "tres chic" - 

This lively CAS card with a window scene is sure to cheer a grandma with a green thumb - 

Don't you think this card by Rajni is ideal for someone who appreciates flowers / gardening / nature - 

or maybe even this - 

Isn't this pattern paper and the sentiments apt for a DIY Dad!! 

Saumya has a set of cards perfect for a book worm, this one is my favorite from the lot -

My elder daughter has a sweet tooth & loves macaroons.................she smiled when I gave her this one!

I so love this chemistry card Neha made for a science teacher - 

Here's a card for a person who loves to celebrate every occasion - 

This happy card by Neha for a gaming geek -

This one by Priya will make a cute card for a great cook / chef . Note how well she has selected the pattern paper - 

Remember it is this individual attention that makes the impact which cannot be achieved by the most expensive gifts. In my opinion personalization in the true sense is all about getting motivated by the person & then relating /coordinating it to the inspiration you derive from other sources. After all - inspiration is not just an idea but to put those ideas into action.

I thank my friends Saumya, Priya, Neha & Rajni for letting me use their cards for reference here :-).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Get Inspired again with Things around the house !!!

Hello everyone !!!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.. Mine was great and busy at the same time.. So after working under pressures and deadlines, now you might need a fresh mojo to start crafting again..
This is Charu Joshi from Crafted Creations  to show how you all can get Inspired by things around you .

You can simply get inspired to craft ... Look around in the house and you will find so many things in Kitchen, Bed-room, Living room or even the walls of your home.....

The first thing I got inspired was the big vintage clock on the wall...


And I made this Tag.. Used my Tim Holtz stamp and heat embossed it for the back ground..
Gave this tag a vintage look..


Then if you see, everyone of us has vase at our place.. One or two or many.


From here I got inspire by the Lattice work and monochromatic color scheme..
And I made this card which has Intricate Lacy border punched from Martha Stewart embroidery punch
 and monochromatic white color 

Next .. You can see below is a picture of bag. It has a bold solid lining inside and a transparent exterior.

I got inspired by these two layering and made this acetate card .. Heat embossed the flowers 
on acetate with gold EP from ranger ..


Last but not the least people.. You can get inspired by the lovely wall papers also.. I have wall papers in all the rooms in my home.. Variety goes from jungle theme in the kids room to romantic roses in my bed room... So get inspired by the wall papers, the pattern papers have similar prints that can do wonders...


The wall paper prints inspired me to use my pattern papers of similar looks and see what I made..  


So you see.. there are N number of ways you can get inspired by the things around in your home.. And which will leave you continue crafting for eternity... Just like I promised myself..  :)

All things used to make these cards are available at our online store The Craft Shop ..
 Hope you keep getting inspired and keep crafting... 
Don't forget to participate in this month's challenge.. Photo Inspiration..