Friday, January 31, 2014

Tutorial - Gift box punch board

Hey everyone!

Pratiksha here today with my first post for the CCC blog :)

Im sure we're all drooling over the new punch boards from We r memory keepers! There are 5 designs in all - envelope, gift box, gift bag, pillow box and candy box!! You can get them all at our craftshop! Check them out if you haven't already.. :)

So i will share with you a super simple tutorial on using one of these boards. They all come with their own instruction manuals and a matching scoring tool as well. They're all very very simple to use.
I love the fact that each of them have their own specific colours that defines them :)

Here is the tutorial on the gift box board :

Step 1
Choose your box size from the chart printed on the board itself - S, M, L or XL.
At this point be careful while picking the size as a small box can be square or rectangle as well. Based on this the chart will have the paper size required. Trim your paper to this size.

I choose a small box made with 6x6 paper resulting in a 2x2x2 finished box :)

Step 2
Place the paper at the 'S' marking. Make all three scores - vertical, horizontal and diagonal.

Punch the paper.

Step 3
Rotate the paper by 90 degrees and repeat step 2 for all 4 sides

Step 4
Now flip the paper over and starting at the 'S' marking punch the paper as shown in the pic -

Step 5
Use the other side of the punch and make the slit punch that will hold the box together.

Step 6
Using the bone folder fold and crease all the scored lines. This will help in putting the box together.

Step 7
Now fold the four corners inwards and then using the punched slits you can close the box. Voila'!!

You have your box in a matter of minutes. Embellish it as you please!

Here are my boxes that i made with this board!


  1. WoW !! amazing tutorial .. :) great gift box punch board ..

  2. Thanks Pratiksha for sharing d tutorial....i'm already in love with my envelop and bag punch boards :)

  3. Thanks for sharing.... Nice tutorial Pratiksha !!!

  4. Thanks for the tute!! Love that red and black box!


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