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The Magic of the Craft Sheet

Good Morning!!
Before I begin I have a question for you all – do you all love your distress inks, stamps, paints, of course yes!! But how do you protect your work surface? A laminated sheet? A table mat? Old news papers? A cloth?
If you are one crazy person like me who  can begin & end every crafting day only with a neat, spotless work surface (my daughters think I have a OCD for cleanliness!!!) then read on because this post is just for you as it is all about the NON STICK CRAFT SHEET. 

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So what is this craft sheet – it is a versatile thin sheet which can be placed over your craft surface. Very convenient considering that it is thin & both the sides can be used. Being non-porous it is ideal for use with all mediums – inks, paints, pigments, mists.
Another benefit is that being heat resistant it can also be used while working with embossing powders, UTEE, craft iron, shrink plastic or even while baking polymer clay.

Take a look at these images & you will understand how & where to use this mat -

  • Inking & stamping - with all sorts of inks.....distress, chalk, archival, staz on.

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  • Distress inks

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The craft sheet is particularly useful when working with distress inks. For distressing you always ink the blending foam & begin on the craft sheet, in circular motions bring the ink along the paper. This results in smooth even edge & easy blending of colors as against paper. Take my word for this once you use the craft sheet for this purpose you will never work without it!

  • Its non – porous nature makes it a handy palette while painting with acrylics, distress inks/paints/stains, perfect pearls, mists, gelatos, copics, water color pencils.

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  • You could squirt alcohol inks on the craft sheet & then press glossy card stock to create amazing backgrounds like Tim Holtz does!

Inkssentials Surfaces Shrink Plastic Friends ATC Step 5
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  • Use it with mixed media products like gesso, gel medium, texture paste, etc.

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  • Dyeing your ribbons, flowers,

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  • It can withstand high temperature & can conveniently be used with techniques involving heating like embossing, UTEE, hot wax, MOD melts, shrink plastic. You can actually pour melted UTEE on a craft sheet & then use a cookie cutter or a rubber stamp to make a charm or even line the baking dish with the craft sheet while baking polymer clay. The hot glue gun, melting pot can all be safe kept on the sheet when in use.

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Inkssentials Surfaces Shrink Plastic Friends ATC Step 3     
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  • Misting, Masking, Stencilling techniques

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  • Decoupage, mod podge - being non sticky the surface can be cleaned in a jiffy.

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  • Brayering - dab the colors of your choice on the craft sheet & roll the brayer along.

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  • Can also be used as a surface to make pearls, glitter dots, etc.

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Only be CAREFUL not to fold this sheet because it may develop cracks into which the inks & stains can then seep & stain the surface permanently.

Why is Craft Sheet MUST HAVE?

         Personally I love this craft sheet…….

  • It is not only versatile but also durable!! 
  • It also protects your work surface from accidental spills  after which it is super easy to clean –
  • Nothing sticks to it. Be it glue, clay, UTEE, EP all you need to do is use an old credit card to it scrap off without any effort. 
  • Inks, paint can easily be wiped off with a paper towel or a baby wipe.

In short this non – porous, heat resistant & non stick mat is a MUST HAVE & ideal for working with most crafting techniques.

Initially I too had second thoughts on purchasing the craft sheet considering the high price against the table mat I used earlier. But once I used it believe me it is like magic – very convenient & cleans in a jiffy!! I no longer care about stains messing my white work surface. I have used a double sided sticky tape to glue the mat on my work table. No more worries about the cost too now because THE CRAFT SHOP has its own craft sheet at less than half the price.........................yes you heard it right..............only Rs.400, so grab one soon if you do not have it.

For any query regarding any other craft supply you can contact Priya Sivaraj at

Thats it from me today................have a crafty day.


  1. A must have tool for every crafter.... i must say.
    Thank u Priya for such wonderful rates :)

  2. I agree with you about this product.I had another craft sheet but it was messy cleaning it up.So happy that we have a cheaper version now.:-)

  3. Such a detailed & informative post... thanks for sharing Tanvi :)

    1. & thanks Priya for bringing it to us at super affordable rates :)


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