Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Its Tea Time!!!

Hi All,

I have been MIA for a while and keep moving in and out thanks to my chaotic life...heheh but must say my friends here and Priya have been really nice and patient with me!

Anyways lets get going with today's post..How many of you can't do without your morning tea and coffee...for sure I cant and I as a crafter I would love to have some fancy tea holders around on my here I am sharing my favourite style of tea holder!

Lets see how to make this now.....

Things needed: 1. CS
                         2. Chipboard
                         3. PP
                        4. Embellishments
                        5. Tea and Coffee Sachets to store inside

Take a CS of 6"x12" and on the long side of 12" score at 1" and on the short side of 6" score at 3-1/16", 5-3/4", 8-13/16", 11-1/2".

Now place your CS like this and from the left the second scored block horizontally score at 1-3/4 measuring from down to up...

Can you see the two score lines of the second block?

Remove the chunks as shown in the picture.

Score all the scored lines

For the lid take a CS measuring 4-1/4" x 4-5/8" and score at 3/4" from all sides

Now stick the edges to make the top lid

Get done with your matting and PP as you like it before to plan to stick up the sides to form the box...all the left over blank sides are for folding in and gluing up to form the box folder

This is a base which has a chipboard and a nice bright CS stuck on it measuring 3"x3-3/8"

Heres the decorated lid

This is how the box looks once the sides and bottom are done and stuck to the chipboard base to make it stable.

The tea holder with the tea sachets inside

Side view...

I hope you enjoyed the post and would plan something similar for your table too!!!


  1. beautiful and thanks for sharing tutorial Saumya

  2. You have made it look super easy!! Thank you for sharing a fab tutorial Saumya

  3. Thanks for the tute it :)

  4. Fabulous project.Thank you so much for a wonderful tutorial and glad to see you creating again.:-)

  5. Well done... Thanx for sharing this easy to understand tutorial

  6. awesome idea & tut...! Love it

  7. This is sooo beautiful yet functional! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  8. thanks for sharing this beautiful dispenser box tute.

  9. Super easy tutorial! Very well done!!


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