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How to conceive ideas for your cards? - Guest DT Neha Bhatt

Hello Lovely Ladies, 

           I am soooooo excited to bring our Guest DT post today!! Our GDT needs no introduction to FB users.She creates stunning, thoughtful, meaningful cards which speak for themselves. And when this month's theme was decided, She just flashed in my mind. 

         She most readily accepted my invitation and I have to say I am obliged to her , for the amount of work she put in for the post.It is easy to make projects. But it is difficult to describe the thought process behind the  project. And that is what she had exactly given us.. Hats off to you!!And the post is so loooooog that, I had to split the post into 2. People, there is so much for all of us to learn. This post is much valuable!Ok.. so those of you, who do not know her,she is 

                                                  NEHA BHATT

You can drool over her works at her facebook page Periwinkle creations.Over to Neha,

        A while back, Priya asked me to write about how I conceptualize my cards' designs and immediately, I found myself in an 'Inception-like' situation; thinking about the way I think. It was difficult- I spent several days to see my cards and the process of making them through a totally new perspective. I realized that there is no particular set of rules to design a card. But, through this post, I will do my best to explain what initiate the process & how you can take it further towards the final product.

So, buckle up for a very long, picture heavy post which I hope leaves you more insightful than before.

Expressing through a card
·           A card is not just some die cuts, fancy techniques, complicated folds and innumerable layers all looking pretty together. It is much more than that. It has to be a visual translation of the message you want to convey. There has to be some connect between the message you want to convey and the elements (diecuts, embellishments, stamp, choice of colors etc.) you use to design that.

      Elements used in a card
·          The presence of each element on the card should be JUSTIFIABLE and at the same time not so overpowering. I am not saying highly ornate designs are bad, but I firmly believe simplicity is the best sophistication so keep it simple  to make it more effective.Techniques, embellishments, die cuts etc. are just TOOLS to create a design, so use them to develop your concept, to embellish your aspect, to support the message you want to convey through it.

I discovered 3 ways , the idea of a design could be conceived.Would be discussing 1 today and other 2 in my next post.

1.Sentiment - the Soul of a card
        There are two major aspects of a card – Sentiment & other elements (stamped image, die cuts, embellishment, etc.), you need a happy marriage between both of them to make it effective.Appropriate sentiment is the soul of your card which ties all the elements together.

        Sometimes the element speaks for itself eg. A cake on a birthday card with “Happy Birthday” sentiment. But other times you have to give meaning to that element with the help of a sentiment. For example - a big colorful butterfly ( as I think is the most preferred element…J ) – sitting on a white card, looking stunning by itself. Now the question………… is there is no direct relation between butterfly and birthday?? So, how you connect them? Appropriate sentiment is the key. Just add ‘have a beautiful day’ or ‘you are beautiful’…you can also write ‘have a birthday as beautiful as you are!’ – inside the card…does it make more sense? Now the element is there to support sentiment and sentiment is giving meaning to the element. There is a harmony in the words you are using and the means by which you are saying them!

I would like to discuss Khushbu’s lovely scene card here

 all the things are looking so pretty but add
  •         A simple sentiment “Enjoy the ride”  & it takes the whole card to a different level.
  •         To make it more effective you can add famous quote inside – “As you go down the hill you pick up the speed” so enjoy every moment and have a fantastic birthday. 
  •          Stamp the bike in opposite direction to show it going up hill, add ‘best of luck’ or ‘keep it up’ in front & inside write “The road to success runs uphill.”

          Many times an idea of a design is initiated by a sentiment and you just translate it on your card with help of other elements. Just plain & simple interpretation of what you want to say. I will talk about few examples one by one so it will be easier to understand.
     I designed this card  when I had no stamps, dies or any fancy craft supply. As you can see the sentiment is handwritten & inside ‘U’ is also hand drawn & fussy cut.
 ·          There is a pattern created with alternate light and dark golden paper and one strip is missing from it which shows direct connect between the message I want to say & design of the card.
·          Inside it just says ‘U’… so you lead the viewer from a missing paper strip to the emotion you want to showcase.

      This is a very famous quote which I translated literally.
                  ·          One frame stamp and few arrow stamps to translate ‘follow’ part of the sentiment. 
·          Arrows also direct the viewer towards the main sentiment and add some visual interest.
·          I had this idea but did not have the exact sentiment…so I printed the sentiment, stamped it with the same frame stamp but with a different color of ink to highlight it.

          It says ‘sparkle & shine’ … shinning- bright sun, sunrays, yellow – sparkle – glitter. Simple, isn’t it? Now, how you can make it more interesting?... So I used white embossed paper to show generally yellow sunrays & added yellow background to make it in sync. (you can use it for birthday, graduation or for congratulations etc. That is the added advantage of such "not so direct" sentiment stamps. It is by my new favourite stamp brand Mama Elephant.)

          It has some random water color brush strokes & some splotches . But the perfect sentiment gives meaning to the design & provides the connect.

Neha, you just mesmirized all of us!! I am sure people are eager to read the rest of the post..

 But yes, it had to be split to maintain readers interest.So all of you keep waiting for her next post on Monday!!

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    She is very inspiring. The write-up is very interesting......looking forward to the post on Monday!!

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    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" said Leonardo Da Vinci...and I totally believe it!!!

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    Just useful tips love them ! i recently finished a card and ended up adding lots of embellishments the end result is too noisy i definitely vote for simplicity ^_^ always a happy result
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