Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Double Resists using Distess Inks

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         Today we shall see some interesting Topic on Distress Inks - Double Resist.  Khushboo has already written a post on Magical Embossing. If you had nt read it already. This post might be considered as a continuation of it. And my inspiration for this post comes from

                                         Double Emboss Resist Tutorial by Kimber

 Please feel free to go through the above link. It has some awesome inspiration and step by step Tutorial.

           So coming back to Resist, there are quite a few items, that resist the distress Inks. To name a popular few,
  1. Clear Embossing Powder
  2. UTEE
  3. Studio Multi Medium
  4. Glossy Accents
  5. Gesso
  6. Wax Paper
  7. Crayon
  8. Distress Crackle Paint
  9. Acrylic paint
  10. True Snow
I have tried to give some samples for the combination for the above resists.

How is Double Resist Done?

  •            Choose a medium for first resist - stamp or stencil or any way u like it.
  •            Apply 4-5 different color Distress inks in BG.The inks will resist the above medium
  •            Choose the second medium of your resist - This must give a clear resist, so that the colors behind should be visible
  •            Now apply a dark colored Distress ink over. This will be resisted by both the mediums.

Still Confused? Ok. Let me show you..

         First Resist medium here is Studio Multi medium applied through crackle stencil.I then spread different colored distress inks over it. Now I stamped the Hero Arts Square Background and clear embossed it.
Different colors below are visible now below the heat embossed area. Some Vintage Photo over the whole paper and Tada Double Embossing done!!

Layer 1- Stenciled Studio Multi medium
Layer 2- Clear Embossed Stamping

This Card has

Layer 1 - Hand drawn Crayon
Layer 2 - Hand drawn Glossy Accents

This card has both the layers heat Embossed.

Layer 1- White embossed Stamping
Layer 2- Clear Embossed Stamping

I love the effect of this tag - the effect that gesso gives

Layer 1- Stamped Gesso Stamping
Layer 2 - Clear Embossed Stamping

Products used
Ippity Polka Dots
Inkadinakdo Flourish stamp

Wellington Sentiments Die-Cuts

            While choosing stamps or other medium for 
Layer 1 - always choose those that have thin lines or occupies much less space in the BG.
Layer 2 - always choose those that are larger and occupies more space in the BG, so that more colors in BG are visible below it.    

I enjoyed doing double resist!! I am sure you would too!Just give a try and see for yourself!!Do participate in our challenge this month!

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  1. Thats a wonderful effect, thanks for sharing Priya.

  2. Superb post Priya..didn't knew so many mediums can be used for resist technique.Thanks for sharing .

  3. Wow I loved this technique ! The bgs with double resist look wonderful ,Thanks Priya !

  4. this is wow.. loved the BGs you have created!!


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