Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's go super inky with flowers !!

Hello lovely ladies..

 I'm Rajni here,with few more inspirations for this month's challenge Spread your wings with distress inks.  Before I proceed further with another detailed post of mine...I would love to feature a fellow crafter, Nupur Priya on our blog, who shared few of her wonderful creations with us after taking inspiration from our blog post. She tried her hands on the techniques the same very day we made our post. If you missed watching her creations on can click here .
Here are few of her amzing creations.

Watching a video can be helpful, but the only way to master any technique is to start doing it!!!

Very well done Nupur!!!
we are really happy to see that we are able to inspire you.

Now on to Today's inspiration.

With every project it seems that I am getting more and more fascinated by flowers and their beauty. I just love to recreate those petals, those pollens, and those stems, all with my tools and craft materials. It’s like recreating god’s creation. Of course you cannot better him, but you can at least compliment his creation with yours. The petals of my flowers might not smell but can beautify my projects and give satisfaction to the core of my heart and mind :)

Making handmade flowers for scrap booking, card making, and other paper crafting projects saves money and allows you to customize your embellishments to fit the style and colors of your papers. There are many, many ways to use and create flowers for your paper crafting projects. You can use your punches,dies or u can fussy cut or fold and create variety of flowers. Today my focus will be on making flower embellishments.

You must all be wondering what all I have in my treasure box today.

Flowers and my favorite distress inks!!
My this post on CCC blog is again a part of my giveaway also in which I will be sharing videos of handmade flowers which I myself followed while learning. Few of my fellow crafters insisted me to post my own tutorials....but clicking step by step pictures and making my own videos tutorials is not my cup of tea. Since there are so many wonderful tutorials already on net I don't even feel like making another copy of it....moreover I want to give credit to the original creator. If anyway by chance I get to create something that is 100 percent original of mine....I will definitely give a try on making one and share with you all.  I'm still in process of learning through so many already existing blogs and videos and must say I'm enjoying every bit of it.Magic Water Color Technique Check the video here by Jessica Taylor. She is using ink refills but you can use regular distress inks by pressing your ink pad directly on the acrylic block and splinting little water with mini misters. 

You saw Jessica used white paper and a single color to color her flower where as I followed the same technique but again.....with a small twist. I don't know why I always try to something different what i see. I have used colored paper and instead of one i took two shades of distress inks.

Now on to my 3D paper flowers. You can make flowers with punches n dies and sometimes    give shape by hand cutting. I got lots of queries about how I give crumbled look to my flowers. Today I will be sharing two of my favorite tutorial for making crumbled flowers.

Crumbled paper gardenias tutorial by Luvleescrappin
Paper blossom bloeman tutorial for assembling the paper flower

Do you want to have a look what I created after following this tutorial ??
Here is it.. 

I loved this...used this shade for the first time.....Seedless Preserves Distress Ink,Spellbinders Rose Creation Die Set and Heartfelt Creations Classic Leaf die.
Take a little look at sparkling diamond dust....amazing!!

Few days back I designed a card with flowers  for friendship swap using picked raspberry,victorian valvet and vintage photo distress inks. I used perfect pearls on the edges of the petals.

I made these with Joy craft flower die. You can make the same using any retro punch with three different sizes.I have used dried marigold and aged mahogany.

just a little difference in assembling...and you get a new look of the flower.

Again joy craft flower die and picked raspbarry distress ink

Both my very favorites....wild honey distress ink and Sunflowers. This is my first try on sunflowers with a punch and paper crumble technique. I have used punch bunch mega lily petals.

I made three different sizes.

I tried using my flowers on money envelops. I have not assembled them as yet but loved the effects. Have a look.

You must be wondering what paper i have used to make these amazing flowers.Earlier i was using fabriano brusto....but this time i tried with local card stock (Neelgagan)...and to my surprise it worked better then fabriano. Actually neelgagan card stock is bit slippery..and when i misted it with water extra water got slipped and soaked the amount which was actually needed to break the fibers. It was very convenient to crush this paper..... Not even got torn once. I have worked with these two papers only...but i think any paper ,120 to 180 gsm will work well.

So...did you saw how amazing these inks are. Some times I just need a touch of a particular shade and sometimes huge backgrounds are colored with variety of shades.

Are you worried about finishing them...???
Don't worry....these will work for long :)

Re-inkers are available for these ink pads, so there is no need to worry about using up all the ink. It will probably take you quite a long time before you need to re-ink them, even if you use them frequently. I use mine often, and have had them for a year, and I have not yet needed to refresh the ink except vintage photo. 
Moreover, The Craft Shop is just a mail away. You can find the complete range of distress inks in our store.

 That's all for today :)
 Hoping to see you soon with few more inspirations of using distress inks with water.
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Rajni Chawla
(Passionately Curious)


  1. Your flowers are jaw dropping aunty!! And thanks a lot for sharing the tutorials and beautiful flowers!! You simply rock!

  2. The flowers are just awesome ! I loved the crumpled look they have and the shading ..bringing them very near to natural ones !Thanks a lot for sharing the links I am going to check them !

  3. thanks so much for sharing, and everytime i find something new to learn.thanks for inspiring. and gorgeous work nupur.

  4. the flowers r amazing aunty.. n the tutorial is very helpul... Thank u for sharing.. jst one question, which punch did u use for the sunflower...?

  5. You just amaze us with your posts every time Rajni Aunty! These flowers are so gorgeous. You make them look even more prettier with your ditressing :)

  6. unbelievable rajini mam, each and every flower is awesome, hope you won't mind sharing a video tutorial

    1. Shylaashrhree...i think u dint saw the whole post....i hv already posted videos on how to crush d paper and how to assemble the flower.

  7. amazing flowers...could you please list the papers used for the flowers

    1. I'm sorry..Divya..forgot to add thys point...updated noew.Thanks for reminder :)

      Earlier i was using fabriano brusto....but this time i tried with local card stock (Neelgagan)...and to my surprise it worked better then fabriano. Actually neelgagan card stock is bit slippery..and when i misted it with water extra water got slipped and soaked the amount which was actually needed to break the fibers. It was very convenient to crush this paper..... Not even got torn once. I have worked with these two papers only...but i think any paper ,120 to 180 gsm will work well.

  8. Hi di awsome work ! What pinch have you used for sunflower ?? Is there any video for this flower as well ?? Pls share !!

    1. Romina ...i hv used punch bunch mega lily petals.
      and assembling is done d same way that is shown in pic tutorial i hv posted.Here is the link again.

      Paper blossom bloeman tutorial for assembling the paper flower

  9. Thank you Rajniji, wonderful blog with so educational posts.....thanks for sharing!!

  10. stunning stunning .............infinte praises......

  11. As usual a very informative post, gorgeous blooms. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Rajni di wonderful post by you ...and FABULOUS FLOWERS. thanks a lot. I am also in flower making mania these days ..i have query .when i distress and mist the pEtals they go dull like look i try using glitter on them ..but without using glitter how could i get shining look in flower as i see in yours .do i have to use more coats of distressing ..BUT...that gives darker colour . if i want light colour then what should i do.Hope i made my query uDderstood to you ..what i am willing to ask. THANKS .WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY DESPERATELY.

    1. sorry Megha....for late reply.

      Its obvious that the paper loose its shine and goes dull after crushing but we don't hv another option. I generally use distressing my petals with lighter color first and give another soft touch up of same ink again after crushing.

  13. Thanks a lot Rajni Aunty for featuring me here.. :)
    & yet again you have inspired us with all your lovely flowers & the video links... :)

  14. 'PAPER FLOWERS'??????????? Naaaaa........they r not paper flowers...just real once which r created by Rajniji. God give his job to her to create new nature of crafts for us. Very very informative and blooming post. Three cheers to Rajniji. :)

  15. Thanks a lot Priya for creating this blog where we beginners blessed with the best guidance.

  16. Oh.. These flowers are lovely! How did I miss seeing this for so long!!

    Love all of them!

    And thank you so much for all the info.
    I have a tough time using Itsy Bitsy punch papers for my flowers. If you don't mind, where do you get the local cardstock?

  17. Hi its fabulous post ...very very informative and "RAJNI di"you are so clean heart and good teacher that you share your post with so lot of information.Flowers are very differently beautiful and awesome ...previously I made comment here I do not why its not displaying . Rajni di you ae awesome...and nupur your envelopes are really making mind to grab them.thanks a lot for sharing.

  18. super awesome flowers Rajni ji..would love to see them over n over again..hats off to you !!


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