Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Backgrounds & Embellishments with UTEE

Hello All,
Tanvi here to share a few ideas to work with UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel). I will show you some backgrounds & embellishments one can create with UTEE. But please do not limit yourself to only these............UTEE is a very versatile product & its a fun way to add dimension to your work. There are so many diverse techniques as you will see & it is perfect for experimental crafters like me!!! 
Basically UTEE is like embossing powders, but the grains are slightly larger. It melts when heated, then hardens as it cools to a shiny enamel finish.

1. In this first background follow exactly the same steps as heat embossing - ink the stamp with versamark, stamp, pour clear UTEE, using heat gun melt the UTEE. Distress with colors of you choice. Isn't the shiny raised effect fabulous??? I simply love textures & UTEE is a wonderful medium to create these.


I loved the textile like finish in the pink one.

2. In this BG I have used the same procedure, in addition to stamping sprinkle UTEE randomly to create a grainy texture.

3. You can make use of all the stamps you have to create BGs like I have used the chevron stamp. First ink the cardstock with versamark, repeat all the steps as above. Repeat adding UTEE at least two more times. While the UTEE is molten stamp it. All kinds of stamps can be used but best results are with rubber stamps. The best thing is it does not affect the stamp at all because it cools & hardens very quickly. White UTEE gives such an opaque texture. 

4. In the next one I have used clear UTEE with the same stamp & brushed with perfect pearls. This looks stunning but was not able to capture its beauty. MUST TRY!!!

5. This marbling effect was with white UTEE - when the UTEE is hot add a few drops of alcohol inks, swirl quickly but gently to get the desired look.

6. Now this is another amazing effect - the cracked glass look. The trick here is to keep this in the freeze for 5-7 minutes,  take it out & bend the CS until cracks appear!!!! 


Just look at the faux porcelain effect UTEE renders to embellies.

Here are some close ups - 

1. Chipboard, distress paint & white UTEE


2. Prima flowers, ink sprays, glitter. In this case the flowers were dipped in molten UTEE.


Die cuts dipped in UTEE

3. Pour molten UTEE in molds, you can also use the newly added MOD Mold at the Craft Shop

A cookie cutter can be used to cut shapes from hot UTEE that has been poured onto a craft sheet. 

 4. Here's a pendant with a cute charm, again with clear UTEE.

Any material that can withstand heat can be used with UTEE - wood, card stock, MDF, chip board, shrink plastic, glass, metal, etc. 

When using UTEE, always remember melted UTEE is extremely hot and can cause skin burns, so take care not to touch hot UTEE. When dipping use tweezers. It is best to always use a non-stick craft sheet, excess UTEE can be scraped off easily once cool and re-melted.
I hope I have motivated you to try your hand at UTEE. Would love to hear from you. If you have a query, drop a line in the comment box & we will get back to you. 
Do not forget to participate in our current challenge - NAIL IT DOWN WITH TEXTURES.

We will do a tutorial on using UTEE in the next post, till then have fun crafting. 


  1. Thank you for sharing information about UTEE. This is so helpful.

  2. Omg...there is so much do do with many techniques i hv not evn tried. Tanvi,my list to do has stretched so much.
    Thanks for sharing ur awesome experience with UTEE.

  3. I'm totally going to have to get myself some UTEE! I love all the fun ways you've shown of using it! xo

  4. Tanvi!! That is long post on UTEE, we never even dreamed on trying! Thanks for this post!! Love the chevrons and the marbling the best!!

  5. I loved all the backgrounds you have created Tanvi ...specially the cracked glass one...n yes your right..the embellishments resemble resin ones..Thanks for sharing such informative post .

  6. Very informative post Tanvi specially like the chevron n crackled effect..adding UTEE in my wishlist..thanks for sharing this info with us !!

  7. Very informative tanvi..... Thanx for sharing ur techniques..... :-)

  8. This is an amazing post Tanvi... I am very apprehensive when it comes to using new products and this definitely helps.. Have been meaning to try UTEE for ages!!

  9. I have been storing my UTEE in my craft cupboard and I guess after this [post am more than agree to get it out and try the techniques you have experimented...thanks a ton girl


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