Monday, July 8, 2013

Washi Tape Ideas for Jewellery and Stationery

Hello friends, this is Tanvi wishing you all a very good morning!
You all know the current challenge is all about creating with WASHI TAPES. These masking tapes come in a wide variety of colors & patterns, leaving to our imagination to get creative with them. They are so very easy to use. 
Today I will share some really simple ideas to use washi tapes. Whenever I begin a project I always end up making girly stuff!!! Probably so that my daughters appreciate it! Sharing with you a few quick, easy to make accessories for girls. Well mommies I have a few ideas for boys please hang on.  :-).

Washi Tape Jewellery

1. The simplest is to wrap the washi tape around - bangles, clips, hairbands, etc. your little one can do this by herself & show off a new band everyday.

2.  Here I have two pendants with washi tape. You can use Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to add dimension & gloss to them. This will also make them more sturdy.

3. You can also make some flowers with washi tape & use these to embellish accessories.

Washi Tape Stationery

4. A popsicle stick colored & decorated with washi can make a cute bookmark.

 5. Paper clips can be altered in seconds!!

 I particularly like this apple.......

 6. Decorate school supplies...........pens, pencils, scissors, etc. Don't miss the black one in which the refill is covered with washi tape!!

7. Make a pen holder to store all the supplies.

8. And finally I have a old clip board altered into a new one. Stamped over it & also decorated with washi tape pencils. 

Tips for recycling Washi Clipboard

  1. Stick the washi tape on very thin paper, 
  2. Stamp on the wrong side 
  3. Fussy cut the stamped image

This is the clipboard before the alteration - 

 So go ahead grab some washi tapes in new colors & styles available at THE CRAFT SHOP - rip & stick these tapes to transform some plain accessory to fabulous one of its kind.

Do stopover again as the rest of my team share their creativity all month to use washi tapes, I'm sure these ideas will have you taping your tables, pens, pencils, spoons & forks, walls, lamps, frames & lots more.

Thank you for stopping by today..............have a crafty week ahead.


  1. You have opened a new world for washi tapes.. each and every usage is so creative and talented.. I especially liked the hair accessories.. I love hair accessories.. I will surely try to make some for myself to compliment my dresses! this is simply awesome Tanvi..!

  2. Great ideas Tanvi! Thanks a lot for sharing! :)

  3. Wonderful ideas Tanvi!! Love that washi Clipboard.. it is simply wow!!

  4. Wow Tanvi many creative ideas using the Washi ...Like Priya said you have opened up a whole new world in the usage of these Washi ..I really liked each and everyidea you have shared ..Will definitely give these a try..Thank you so much for sharing :)

  5. Fantabulous post !! Keep it up !

  6. these many projects with washi tapes, it it totally new to me, thanks tanvi

  7. nice ideas the accessories !!

  8. wow awesome ideas. i was thinking to use washi on bangles .

  9. Gr8 ideas far not used washi tapes....but now definitely going to try.

  10. Tanvi the flower is share pics of how you made it next time.


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