Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Go Crazy with Washi!!

The heading of this post is exactly the state of my mind as I write to you all who keep logging in to our blog not only to participate in the challenges but also to get inspired by the ideas we DT try and figure out with new products every week...

Its thanks to The Craft Shop that we all get to think and try the various products in the store in the many varied ways possible...always remember that the possibility with each product depends on your ability to experiment with it!!! And having said that, here I am, sharing my experience about my one crazy day with one of my favourite crafting supplies-WASHI....

I took a day and sat down to see around my house what all could I pep up with my huge collection of washi....I figured the following could be revamped under 30 mins:

                                                   1. Few Magnet sheet leftovers
                                                   2. A monochrome candle stand
                                                   3. A plain torch and candles
                                                   4. Some toothpicks
                                                   5. Some wine glasses
                                                   6. My iPad adapter
                                                   7. My wooden low seating chair
                                                   8. Band Aids

By the way these are just a few that were too evident as I deal with them most regularly but having tried my hands on these few I have started digging into my closets and storage boxes to see what else can I revamp!!! hehehe...and now for the reveals....

1. Fridge Magnets

Take your leftover magnet strips and washi...

Align them and stick them over the matt side of the magnet....

Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge to secure the washi tape....this will ensure a long lasting washi tape magnet....after the Mod Podge dries cut them into sizes as per your wish!

 And thats how they look on my fridge securing my favourite photographs to stay in place...

Arent they easy to make and beautiful to look at??? I enjoyed making these super quick projects

2. Candle Stand: The same process as stated above as been repeated here...rolled the washi tape and then applied Mod Podge over it for a long lasting effect...

                                             Before: all green, plain and boring...

All pepped up with just a touch of washi around such a romantic feel to it...

                                 After: Green with a touch of red hearts ....blooming with love ;)

3. Revamping Torch and Candle:

I like the fact that they are no more going to be just "plain and simple" but "very simply decorated" !!!

4. Some toothpicks revamped to make flags/name tags

Take a toothpick and place it as shown in the picture over a loose end of washi tape.

Fold the loose end of the washi tape and cut the ends in any shape your like...

This is how the final product will look like...

Use these in your scrapbooks, cards, decorative boxes name it ...but there is another use to these flags too!

I have a lot of parties at my place ...and with so many friends and so many glasses with drinks its difficult to remember which glass belongs to which I figured an easy way out...I now make flags like this and with a marker put the names of the guests and leave it in a bowl....each guest picks up their name flag and puts it in their glass for easy identification...the same can be done with straws for kids parties or cupcakes I said the possibilities are endless.....just think and be creative !!!!

5. Glasses:

As mentioned, I have loads of parties and I like adding a lil wow factor to it each while I was wondering what more can I do with washi ....this is what struck me....

To differentiate between the just had to see the color of glass leg!!!

You can do this to any cutlery available in your kitchen....spoons, plates, napkin holder....just wrap the washi and you are done can have color co-ordinated party themes with this idea...and if you are looking at a more permanent solution...all you need is a few strokes of Mod Podge over it!

6. Techno Gadgets:

I love my gadgets to be much so that I buy 2-3 bright colored phone cases....bluetooths etc etc...and hence this is what I did to my iPad adapter!!

One can wrap washi around the entire cord too....(The next 3 Photographs courtesy Pinterest)

I just bought a new MacBook Pro and this is definitely my next venture!!!

And will end up with this too I guess very soon!!!

7. Furniture:

I have owned my wooden low seating chair for over 4 years now and I thought I could try and revamp it a bit and I must say I love the end result!!

Before: All plain...with just work started with washi on two planks

Closer look....

The completed version....a lovely effect added to that chair.....Almost turned into a new piece of furniture !!! I love it!!! What about you????

A closer look!!!

8. Band Aids:

This was super duper easy and so much fun that I have decided to customise a few more for my nieces and nephews...just roll them around the original traditional band aid and you are done...whoooaaaa!!!

My crazy experiments with washi do not end here...its just the post coming to an list is long and includes lampshades, My Samsung S3 back cover, a few trays, my specs, my home switch boards, my table clock....and yess am planning to revamp a couple of shoes too!!! So what does your list consist of???

Do share your projects with us...and take part in the on going Trash to Treasure Washi Challenge....till then its a bye from my end.....


  1. wow..all are beautiful and amazing ideas....!!

  2. Great ideas i must say.. i liked the band aid and magnetic tapes the most..

  3. Crazy definetly...but all wow ideas

  4. Amazing ideas Saumya! I too keep looking around the house to see what all can be revamped with these super cool tapes. The list of experiments that one can do with them is endless!! :)

  5. Brilliant! Always knew you were a genius :)

  6. truly brilliant. gonna try something from this. thanks for sharing

  7. Crazy Crafter!!!!!!!!!! but definitely awesome!!!!!!!!!

  8. Especially love the torch transformation

  9. nice ideas the magnets very much !!

  10. Wow! Gr8 ideas but I love the furniture, lappy and band aid thing.. Crazy!!!!

  11. Ah-mazing work.I remember looking for things to cover with washi too.Do you seal these with mod-podge after that?

  12. Hey....bag full of ideas Soumaya.Liked d magnets most.


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