Sunday, July 28, 2013

Basics of card making 101

hello all you lovely people,

Have you been enjoying reading the very knowledgeable posts being shared by the very talented DT we have here at color conceptions and learning new tips.. I know I am...

My post today is for all the people who are making a foray into paper crafting or have just begun... I am sure each one of us wonder that what are the basics tools one needs to have to begin your journey as a paper crafter... I have a compiled a list of the things I think are more important..

All pictures are from Google... WHY? Because my entry into the craft room is banned for sometime.. Reason.. Probably later

My progress into paper crafting has taught me to always research before taking the plunge into buying anything and to find suitable alternatives inside the house... The list I am compiling is not the gospel truth and may vary from person to person.

The first thing is to have a good pair of scissors. It is very vital to try out a few before you narrow down your choices. You need fine sharp scissors for fussy cutting your stamped images and a separate one for cutting your ribbons. Do not use the scissors you use for cutting paper for cutting your ribbon, it would give you frayed edges. Now I have been using a fiskars one, some locally purchased ones and more recently a scissors bought by my SIL from Japan.. Cuts like butter and is so so smooth.. I have a wishlist in this.. The Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors... It is supposed to be a must have for crafters for glue never sticks on it..

my fiskars scissors looks something like this

This one looks something like the one I got from Japan

The next vital thing is a self-healing mat. Look around, you might find one at your local stationary store. Keep the biggest size for use as it proves to be a good working platform. The self healing mat is important when cutting images to exact size. It prevents scratches from appeal on your floor or the surface you are working on.
 I have the same one

Well since we spoke about the self-healing mat, a good cutting knife is also very important. There are a wide range of branded cutting knives available in the market but I still use the camlin one. Am in the lookout for a camlin precision knife( In case any of you can get one for me I would be overjoyed).

exact replica of the one I have

Then come your staples, a fine tip pencil, a metal edged ruler, eraser and sharpener. I specifically mentioned a metal edged ruler as it does not get frayed with usage over time and is precise as wearing out is difficult.

Black fine tip marker, a fine tip black and white gel pen. The marker is to help you run away images which have not been stamped properly and the fine tip black and white gel pen to make faux stitch lines ( adds an extra Oomph factor to your projects) I use the signo white gel pen and a 0.3mm tip black marker which i got locally.

A bone folder is very essential to give your cards the very crisp line. If you are a special fold addict like me then a bone folder can be a life saver. Gives you good impression and makes folding so much easier.

Besides these essentials my most favorite and important tool is a good paper trimmer. If you are clumsy like me and hate fine cutting then a good trimmer is the answer to all your prayers. You are spoiled for choice with the different types of trimmer available from various international brands.

Good choice of glue is vital to make a project outstanding from average. There are a lot of local choices available for us in India along with some good international brands like TomBow which is available in the store. You also need to keep some double-sided tissue tape and foam dimensional adhesive; they come in handy while crafting to add some depth to your projects.

So here is my list of must have tools. In case I have missed out on anything Leave me a comment and I will keep updating this post. Will share pics as soon as my internet is back along with my PC. I do not feel too comfortable working on my nephew's PC and I have no pictures to share here.

You have a few more days to play along with the second at color conceptions Trash to Treasure with Washi!

See you soon. Till then, Happy crafting!



  1. Very useful post Khushboo.I have been looking for a nice craft knife too.Finally brought a Camlin one now but I think Exacto knives are the best.

  2. Thanks Khushboo for sharing this info, with so many supplies available all over we often tend to ignore the basics!!

  3. Thanks Khushboo for sharing this wonderful info...Hope thys helps all newbies..


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