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30 Ideas of using Bakers Twine

Hello Everyone,

It’s Poornima  here. Hope you are having fun playing with our first challenge- “ New Beginning and Use Bakers Twine”. I am here to share some ideas of using bakers twine.  Before going further, I would like to share some basic information about Bakers Twine.

The eye-catching  Bakers  Twine , manufactured in USA  is 100% cotton cord that comes twisted  against a bright white hue. It is now also available in solid colors.Traditionally it was used by bakers to decoratively wrap paper around loaves, for tying up the standard white cake box or pastries. Baker's twine is sometimes known as butcher's twine, such as in Australia. Few years ago it gained popularity in crafting industry. Baker’s twine is a big hit with scrapbookers as well.

There are numerous ways to use Bakers twine. So let’s see the different ways of adding that extra touch to your projects through Bakers Twine.

(1) Wrap it around diecuts to make frame for sentiments.

(2) Wrap it around cardstock . See how our DT  Rajni Chawla wrapped it beautifully around the envelope.

(3) Outline diecuts like clouds, kite, balloons, callouts, frames ..etc  to add more dimension to them. You can outline stamped images if they are bold enough. You can even outline scrapbook pages or for journaling lines. I have hand drawn a kite on pattern paper and outlined it with twine.

(4) Fill the entire diecut  or fussy cut paper  with bakers twine  like filling a circle with single or multicolor bakers twine can turn a plain circle into lollipop , flower, rainbow etc. Make a Christmas tree by filling  a triangular cut out with green twine.
(5) Wrap it around  paper clips.
(6) Create tassels, window curtains. See how our  DT Tanvi created a complete scene with it.

(7) Sew  it through buttons. Simply tie a knot or make a bow.

(8) Fill areas behind window / die negatives. Saumya’s  card shows how it can be done. One the best way to use die negatives.

(9) Use Baker’s Twine to make trails / strings of objects like butterflies, airplane,kites, balloons, laundry line. Here are few examples from our DT members Khushboo & Priya.

(10) Use Bakers Twine to create party streamers. Check party streamers made by our Guest Designer Pratiksha. 
(11) Create flowers like crochet flower, rolled roses, pompoms. To check bakers twine flower tutorial by Priya Sivaraj, click here. Wrap transparent wire around Baker Twine to create flower of any shape.This is one I made. I glued twine with jewelry wire using glue gun and then created four separate petals.Then assembled petals in flower and added a sequence in the center.

(12) Create butterflies, grass with it. 

Card by Priya Sivaraj

(13) Create Banners. I have made two different banners. 

(14) Run them around or between the letters, numbers. You can also use stamped alphas / numerals

(15) Write complete text with them. For this first write or print text on paper and then glue BT over it.
(16) Use it to hang objects like hearts, stars, swing..etc.

(17) Tie it on tags.
(18) Make spirelli and use them as embellishments.
Image Courtesy : Beate Blog
(19) Pass it through holes of doilies or diecuts to add some cool effect.

(20) Make holes on cardstock & pass Bakers Twine through it to make chevron or crisscross (like shoe laces) or any other pattern.
(21)You can do hand stitching with  Bakers Twine.
(22) Make starburst rays.
(23) Use it in gift packaging.
Image Courtesy : Elli Blog
(24) Wrap it around old jars and transform them into trendy gift containers. 

Made by Saumya Mohanty
(25) Sew some beads and make jewelry or charms.
(26) Take a paper clip and alter it's shape. Wrap bakers twine around it. I have made earring using this method. Isn't it cool and trendy ?

(27) Create leaves with twine. Take a piece of wire. Cut small pieces of twine of similar size .Attach a small piece of twine vertically on wire. This will become the leaf stem (pic 2). Now glue other pieces horizontally (pic 3). Using sharp scissor cut it into shape of leaf (pic 4). The advantage is that you can curve the leaf as it is glued on wire.

(28) Make cupcake toppers. I have made a funny monster cupcake topper.

(29) Create Trellis. Here is one that I created.

(30) Make tendrils or curls with Bakers Twine. For this, wrap twine around a pencil. Secure ends with tape. Dip in into starch solution or apply a coat of mod podge. Allow it to dry after which remove twine from pencil. You will be amazed to see the result.

The curling can also be done by gluing twine with wire and then twisting it around pencil. Refer to point 11.
Combining leaf, tendril and flower (one paper & one BT ). The leaf in first image is curved a bit.

The possibilities are endless. Imagine and try. I hope these ideas have inspired you to create something interesting with Baker’s Twine. We would love to see how you use it. Few days still left to play along our first challenge - New Beginning + Use Bakers Twine.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


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