Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcoming our new DT Members!!

Hello all!!,

              Good day to you!! We welcome you all to our Color Conceptions Challenge blog! We are starting our challenges from Tomorrow and there are so many fun events lined up!! Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation!.

            Here we have some talented lovely ladies, who would be our proud CONCEPTUALISTS!!, who would give you lots of inspirations and information about crafting!!We welcome them on board.. Visit their blogs and check out their beautiful projects!!More information about our designers,

         Dr Tanvi Shah is a Stylish crafter from Bangalore.She is a microbiology researcher & an enthusiastic crafter since her early days. Like most of us all, crafting never was her priority due to academics, job, home, kids & family. Thanks to her very encouraging husband she is now pursuing her passion. She feels, she got wings for her passion to fly since she started blogging in December 2013. She loves experimenting (has spent so many years researching in labs!!) & learning new techniques. Visit her blog at

         Saumya Mohanty is a classy crafter  from Mumbai. Crafting has been in her blood since childhood days!Thanks to her crafty and arty mom and brothers.But academics and job priorities overshadowed it. And then one fine day she decided to take time off from her busy schedules in TV industry and settle back home with her parents to spend sometime with her passion- Crafting and there has not been any looking back since then. It has been two serious years of crafting....repetitiveness in crafting is scary for her. So she tries her best to avoid it...She loves crafting stationeries, treat bags/boxes and LO's but her current favorite is minis and mixed media.Visit her blog at

            Khushboo Rathi is an enthusiastic crafter from Kolkata.. She is an ex-jewellery designer by profession and a paper crafter by passion... She started her journey into paper crafts with punch craft and quilling and since then there has been no turning back.. She loves making special fold cards and trying new ideas she can experiment with on paper...Visit her blog at
         Rajni Chawla is an extraordinary crafter from Delhi. In the 44 years of her existence, her creative hunger has made her meet new people, taken her to new places and made her learn new things. And she often feels that these experiences of her magically conspire and help her in creating something new every time she picks up her crafting tools. An Interior Designer by education, and a passionate crafter by heart; She has also worked as a packaging designer with Archies India Ltd. before starting up her own entrepreneurial venture by the name of Wedlock.
A little known secret – This is her first year in the line of paper crafts!!

       Poornima Jain is an elegant crafter from Ajmer, Rajasthan. Crafting is something she is very crazy about. She used to craft a lot in her childhood. Even during her college times, She was involved in some or other kind of crafting. And now when She is into a job, this passion is still there and this has led her to start a blog one and a half years back. The blog world opened all the doors of ideas, techniques to her. She feels,she is learning each day. She loves to make shaped cards and Paper Jewelry . She does not have a specific crafting style, she just makes what she is eager to try.Visit her blog at

            Priya Sivaraj  is a passionate crafter from Chennai. She is a software engineer by profession, but gave up the job to take care of kid and pursue her passion and she is loving both!.She loves crafting from childhood, like everyone.The crafting bug in her kept glinting now and then, till she borrowed some time for it to come out! Now it is on its full glow, taking up all her free time and keeping her busy!She is just enjoying it and hope you do too! Visit her blog at

Do visit and leave some love in our DT blogs :) 

               We are happy, you let us know that you enjoyed the contest.. We received a total of 14 entries and there was no entry that had all 6 right. :(. Anyway all the best for coming up events.

Thanks for visiting,
Team Color Conceptions


  1. So happy to see lovely DT's on the line... Congrats to everyone and to the very big leap of Colorconceptions....

  2. Priya you have an amazing line-up of talent. So excited about this new challenge blog. Looking forward to learn a lot from your new DT. Best of luck!!

  3. Woooooohoooooooo!!! Super, awesome team!! Can't wait for challenges to start! :) Congrats everyone! Khush...soooo glad to see you here... :)

  4. Great bunch of DT's.Congrats Priya on this new venture and roping in such lovely crafters.Looking forward to awesome stuff from your DT.

  5. congratulations to all,looking forward to your projects

  6. Priya, done a great job :). I remember when I was new to the blogland in 2011, there were around just 2-3 Indian challenge blogs, now there are a handful. Wow and thanks to all the challenge blog owners helping to promote the talent of all enthusiastic crafters :). Looking for interesting challenges and DT inspirations :)

  7. Congrats, Priya! Way to go :)

    Awesome lineup. LOL @ me. I was just going to mail you my list :P

    that included Khushboo, Poornima and Dr.Tanvi.

    Lookin forward to your first challenge :)


  8. Congrats to the whole team :)

  9. Awesome Design team group..... Congrats to all!!!! waiting to see you all in action... :)

  10. congrats priya and a other DT member. all are amazing .

  11. All the projects with twine are super cute and different.thanks for the challenge and inspirations.

  12. super crafters all ready to show us great stuff!! congratulations to the DT... :)


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