Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quilling kits

 This customized kit has all that is need to start and learn quilling for just Rs 450. Shipping only Rs 50 to anywhere in India!!. All quilling tools from Homecraft!

The kit includes
  1. 5 mm quilling strips 1 pack
  2. 10 mm quilling strips 1 pack
  3. quilling needle
  4. quilling board
  5. quilling crimper
  6. quilling comb
  7. quilling coach
  8. 1 bottle glue
  9. 2 A5 cardstocks
  10. 1 tweezer
  11. 5 toothpicks
  12. 2 earring hooks
  13. Instruction sheet


  1. This is great for new quillers Priya.I have all the stuff and still tempted to buy as yo u have arranged everything so well!

  2. seriously u have arranged entire stuff in one kit dat too at grt price m already ye sab le chuki varna aapse hi leti itni achi deal toh kahi b nhi h :))


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